last changeTue, 22 Jul 2014 19:19:54 +0000 (21:19 +0200)
2014-07-22 Per Inge Mathisenzzsql unit test: Fix compile warning. master
2014-07-22 Per Inge Mathisenzzini: Add ability to read INI files from memory.
2013-10-21 Per Inge MathisenVarious fixes for bugs noticed by static analysis.
2013-08-31 Per Inge MathisenImprove unit test coverage. Core code now > 90% coverag...
2013-08-31 Per Inge MathisenAlso fix CMake test setup.
2013-08-31 Per Inge MathisenFix test compilation and run
2013-03-21 Per Inge MathisenConsistently send debug output to stdout, not just...
2013-03-15 Per Inge MathisenAdd some compiler annotations for optimization and...
2013-02-27 Per Inge MathisenAdd SQL unit test to cmake build system
2013-02-27 Per Inge MathisenFix compile with clang compiler using raw makefile
2013-02-27 Per Inge MathisenRemove unused parameter (and a build warning)
2013-02-27 Per Inge MathisenBuild warning fix
2013-02-27 Per Inge MathisenDo not assume /tmp is available/writable
2013-02-27 Per Inge MathisenForgot to add file to previous commit
2013-02-23 Per Inge MathisenAdd varargs based SQL API using prepared statements.
2012-11-18 Per Inge MathisenForgot to commit this file previously
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