last changeThu, 6 Jan 2011 17:22:06 +0000 (10:22 -0700)
2011-01-06 Jeremy WhitingMerge branch 'fixdetailicon' master
2011-01-06 Jeremy WhitingFix iconprovider to always give an icon, falling back...
2011-01-06 Jeremy WhitingFix detailed view icon size to 100x100.
2011-01-06 Jeremy WhitingAdded subjectActor property to SubjectModel.
2011-01-06 Jeremy WhitingMerge remote branch 'abner/detailedview'
2011-01-06 Jeremy WhitingMerge branch 'mainmonitor'
2011-01-06 Abner SilvaDetailed Model: Added a method to translate interpretat...
2011-01-06 Abner SilvaDetailed View: Fetching the real data from zeitgeist.
2011-01-05 Abner SilvaMainview is now opening the detailed view when an item...
2011-01-05 Abner SilvaAdded the first version of the Detailed View.
2011-01-05 Abner SilvaAdded the first version of the detailed view model.
2011-01-05 Jeremy WhitingAdded a Monitor to EventsModel to watch insertions...
2011-01-05 Jeremy WhitingMerge branch 'icons'
2011-01-04 Jeremy WhitingUse requestedSize for pixmap if it's valid.
2011-01-04 Jeremy WhitingAdded a " " before the text on the BasicListItems to...
2011-01-04 Jeremy WhitingAdded an AppIconProvider to the QDeclarativeEngine.
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