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last changeFri, 7 Sep 2012 15:19:15 +0000 (17:19 +0200)
2012-09-07 Alberto CasoImproved internal documentation, in the form of both... master
2012-08-29 Alberto CasoAdd accounting models to admin
2012-08-29 Alberto CasoInitial contents of real index view for accounting app
2012-08-25 Alberto CasoMinor aesthetic adjustments in skel
2012-08-25 Alberto CasoNamespaced apps' template dirs to avoid collisions
2012-08-25 Alberto CasoAdded a stub index view for accounting app
2012-08-25 Alberto CasoAdd emtpy accounting app
2012-08-25 Alberto CasoTwitter Bootstrap Framework updated to v2.1
2012-08-22 Alberto CasoReplaced autonumeric ids with uuids
2012-08-19 Alberto CasoRedirect to list detail page instead of list index...
2012-08-19 Alberto CasoUse django.core.urlresolvers.reverse to calculate HttpR...
2012-08-19 Alberto CasoCorrected missing urlpattern in previous commit
2012-08-19 Alberto CasoFactor out common prefix in lists module's urlpatterns
2012-08-19 Alberto CasoAdded 500 template page
2012-08-19 Alberto CasoAdded 404 template
2012-08-19 Alberto CasoUse get_object_or_404 shortcut when fetching list and...
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