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2014-03-01 Julia Longtinadd entries for more module configuration files in... master
2014-03-01 Julia Longtinuse error_log in addition to displaying an error to...
2013-12-06 verumdiceturAdjusted for minor tweaks.
2013-12-06 verumdiceturRemoved duplicated class and added additional alert...
2013-12-06 verumdiceturAdjusted for row layout and adjusted default stylesheet.
2013-12-06 verumdiceturAdded properties for grid layout.
2013-12-05 verumdiceturadjusted for core styles from default
2013-12-05 verumdiceturAdjusted for styling input
2013-12-05 verumdiceturResetting
2013-12-05 verumdiceturAdjusted for style
2013-12-05 verumdiceturreset style
2013-12-05 verumdiceturFixed styling
2013-12-05 verumdiceturAdded changes for default styling.
2013-12-04 verumdiceturModified YACMS to utilize default styling following...
2013-12-04 verumdiceturAdded reset css, default css, icons css. Foundation...
2013-12-03 Julia Longtindeal with not having the database set up properly in...
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