2009-03-13 Julien CristauPrepare changelog for upload x11proto-core-7.0.15-1
2009-03-13 Julien Cristauupdate changelogs
2009-03-13 Julien CristauMerge tag 'xproto-7.0.15' into debian-unstable
2009-03-02 James CloosBump to 7.0.15. xproto-7.0.15
2009-02-15 Julien CristauPrepare changelog for upload x11proto-core-7.0.14-2
2009-02-15 Julien CristauDelete generated files
2009-02-15 Julien CristauRun autoreconf on build. Add build-deps on automake...
2009-01-27 Paulo Cesar... Janitor: Correct make distcheck and dont distribute...
2008-11-14 Peter HuttererAdd XF86XK_Suspend and XF86XK_Hibernate keysym defs.
2008-11-11 James Cloos[keysymdef.h] Add dead_currency symbol.
2008-11-07 Julien CristauPrepare changelog for upload x11proto-core-7.0.14-1
2008-11-07 Julien CristauMerge git.debian.org:/git/pkg-xorg/xsfbs into debian...
2008-11-04 Julien Cristauautoreconf
2008-11-04 Julien Cristauupdate changelogs
2008-11-04 Julien CristauMerge tag 'xproto-7.0.14' into debian-experimental
2008-10-25 James CloosAdd a dead_belowcomma keysym
2008-10-25 Sayamindu DasguptaAdd dead vowels in keysymdef.h
2008-10-25 James CloosAdd dead keysyms for DOUBLE GRAVE and INVERTED BREVE...
2008-10-23 Peter HuttererBump to 7.0.14. xproto-7.0.14
2008-10-15 Bastien NoceraKeysyms needed for some HID remote controls to work...
2008-10-14 Peter HuttererFix typos in comments (UP/DOWN TACK and LEFT/RIGHT...
2008-10-14 Peter HuttererRevert "Fix typos in comments (UP/DOWN TACK and LEFT...
2008-10-14 Peter HuttererFix typos in comments (UP/DOWN TACK and LEFT/RIGHT...
2008-10-13 Peter HuttererAdd keysyms for XF86XK_Battery, XF86XK_Bluetooth, XF86X...
2008-07-17 Julien Cristauxsfbs.mk: make 'log' a separate target
2008-07-16 Julien Cristauxsfbs.mk: update the list of releases, and drop some...
2008-07-16 Julien Cristauxsfbs.mk: more parallel make fixing
2008-07-16 Julien Cristauxsfbs.mk: fix the prepare target for parallel make
2008-07-13 James CloosAdd dead_perispomeni to keysymdef.h
2008-07-13 James Cloosfix typo in commit 40ed4eef
2008-05-31 Brice GoglinUpdate xsfbs/quilt patching rules to be compatible...
2008-05-30 Julien Cristauxsfbs.sh: use 'local' now that policy allows it
2008-05-30 Julien Cristauxsfbs.sh: add remove_conffile_lookup
2008-05-28 Peter HuttererBump to 7.0.13. xproto-7.0.13
2008-05-23 Julien CristauRemove the .pc directory properly
2008-05-21 Peter HuttererAdd GenericEvent and xGenericEvent definitions.
2008-05-08 Jeremy HuddlestonApple: Added a comment to explain _DARWIN_C_SOURCE
2008-05-08 Jeremy HuddlestonApple: Define _DARWIN_C_SOURCE otherwise _XOPEN_SOURCE...
2008-05-08 Jeremy HuddlestonApple: Cleaned up some Apple definitions
2008-04-28 Alan Hourihaneavoid checking for fds_bits on mingw
2008-04-26 Colin HarrisonUse Sleep() instead of sleep() on windows
2008-04-26 Colin HarrisonUse winsock2.h
2008-04-21 Markus KuhnAdded comment to slightly discourage the definition...
2008-04-13 Julien CristauRemove xsfbs-autoreconf.mk
2008-04-12 James CloosAdd more dead key syms
2008-03-21 Julien Cristauxsfbs.mk: make 'serverabi' depend on 'install'
2008-03-07 Julien Cristaudebian/control: x-dev is in Section: libdevel, not...
2008-03-07 Julien CristauPrepare changelog for upload x11proto-core-7.0.12-1
2008-03-07 Julien Cristaudebian/control updates
2008-03-07 Julien Cristauautoreconf
2008-03-07 Julien CristauUpdate changelogs for new release
2008-03-07 Julien CristauMerge tag 'xproto-7.0.12' of git.freedesktop.org:/git...
2008-03-07 Julien CristauMerge git.debian.org:/git/pkg-xorg/xsfbs into debian...
2008-03-06 James CloosFix typo in XF86Keysym.h
2008-03-06 Adam Jacksonx11proto 7.0.12 xproto-7.0.12
2008-02-11 Jeremy HuddlestonFixed #ifdef checks that were using i386 to use __i386__
2008-01-09 David NusinowKill the manifest code.
2007-12-11 Jeremy HuddlestonChanged __DARWIN__ to __APPLE__
2007-10-31 Alan CoopersmithMake Xalloca.h work with Sun C++ compiler
2007-10-31 Ben Byerfd_mask needs to be defined on OS X, too
2007-09-24 Daniel StoneCheck headers before testing for fds_bits access method...
2007-09-23 David NusinowRemove make-orig-tar-gz target
2007-09-17 Julien CristauMerge git.debian.org:/git/pkg-xorg/xsfbs into debian...
2007-09-17 Julien CristauPrepare changelog for upload. x11proto-core-7.0.11-1
2007-09-17 Julien Cristau* Add myself to Uploaders, and remove Branden with...
2007-09-17 Julien CristauUpdate changelogs for new upstream
2007-09-17 Julien Cristauautoreconf
2007-09-17 Julien CristauMerge tag 'x11proto-7.0.11' into debian-unstable
2007-09-08 James Cloosbump to 7.0.11 x11proto-7.0.11
2007-08-29 Brice GoglinDo not call laptop-detect, let the only user call it...
2007-08-28 Eric AnholtDescribe what XF86XK_Display does (or now is meant...
2007-08-23 James CloosAdd dead_abovecomma and dead_abovereversedcomma
2007-08-23 James CloosComment on the new locations of the files referenced...
2007-08-21 James CloosAdd *~ to .gitignore to skip patch/emacs droppings
2007-08-13 Brice GoglinVarious fixed in debian/control and copyright
2007-07-12 Brice GoglinFix "display the output of quilt push/pop".
2007-07-09 Brice GoglinMinor fixes in the patching system.
2007-07-09 Brice GoglinFix displaying of patches applied by quilt.
2007-05-09 Colin Harrisonbcopy needs definition in Xfuncs.h for Xming
2007-05-01 Tilman SauerbeckAdded some more files to .gitignore.
2007-05-01 Tilman SauerbeckEnable GCC's visibility attributes on GCC 4 or greater...
2007-04-13 Branden RobinsonTest for existence of debian/patches directory before...
2007-04-10 Julien CristauPrepare changelog for upload. x11proto-core-7.0.10-2
2007-04-10 Julien CristauMerge branch 'xsfbs-unstable' of ../../xsfbs into debia...
2007-04-10 Julien CristauDelete xsfbs to prepare a proper import.
2007-03-02 Julien CristauFix copy/paste typo in the input driver provides.
2007-03-02 David NusinowFix one missed bit from the serverabiver -> serverminve...
2007-03-01 David NusinowFix typo that prevented the input abi versioning from...
2007-02-28 David NusinowAdd support for X server input ABI versioning
2007-02-22 David NusinowFix name of serverminver
2007-02-22 David NusinowUpdate serverabi generation to also account for driver...
2007-02-17 Julien CristauAdd new "serverabi" rule to generate drivers dependency...
2007-02-08 Julien CristauPrepare changelog for release. x11proto-core-7.0.10-1
2007-02-05 David NusinowMove the files so they'll be put in debian/xsfbs automa...
2007-02-02 Zephaniah E... Add keysym definitions from Jim Gettys.
2007-01-30 Julien Cristau* Install the upstream ChangeLog.
2007-01-30 Julien CristauNew upstream release.
2007-01-30 Julien CristauDelete automatically generated files.
2007-01-30 Julien CristauDelete obsolete ChangeLog
2007-01-30 Julien CristauAdd copy of xsfbs.