last changeFri, 5 Nov 2010 15:20:25 +0000 (17:20 +0200)
2010-11-05 Erkki SeppäläUpdated changelog master meego/7.5+5-meego441
2010-11-05 Erkki SeppäläApplied Rami's patch for bug 174122 to eradicate libxaw...
2010-09-01 Rami Ylimäkidebian: Updated changelog version to 7.5+5-meego351. meego/7.5+5-meego351
2010-09-01 Rami Ylimäkidebian: Configure xkbcomp using --enable-case-sensitivity.
2010-09-01 Rami Ylimäkixkbcomp: Make --enable-case-sensitivity available.
2010-08-31 Daniel StoneAdd case-sensitivity configure option for parser
2010-08-31 Gaetan Nadonconfig: allow to build tarball when yacc is missing
2010-08-31 Daniel Stonelimits.h is mandated by C89, no need to check for it
2010-07-12 Julien CristauUpload to unstable
2010-07-12 Julien CristauFix xkbcomp vs unsigned char
2010-07-09 Julien CristauPull an xkbcomp fix from git, thanks to Alexandre Isoar...
2010-07-08 Julien CristauUpload to unstable
2010-07-08 Julien CristauBump Standards-Version to 3.9.0.
2010-07-08 Julien CristauDrop obsolete Conflicts/Replaces
2010-07-08 Julien CristauDrop dependency on cpp, leftover from the xbase-clients...
2010-07-08 Julien CristauAdd build-dep on bison, xkbcomp wants yacc.
7 years ago meego/7.5+5-meego441
8 years ago meego/7.5+5-meego351
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