last changeThu, 22 Oct 2009 13:45:23 +0000 (16:45 +0300)
2009-10-22 Tiago VignattiNOKIA: debianization master NOKIA-HARMATTAN_UPDATE-1
2009-08-26 Peter Huttererxf86bigfontproto 1.2.0
2009-08-26 Peter HuttererRemove server-specific declarations.
2009-08-26 Peter HuttererRemove RCS tags
2009-08-26 Peter HuttererRename xf86bigfstr.h to xf86bigfproto.h for consistency...
2009-01-27 Paulo Cesar... Janitor: Correct make distcheck and dont distribute...
2007-12-06 James CloosReplace static ChangeLog with dist-hook to generate...
2007-09-03 James CloosAdd *~ to .gitignore to skip patch/emacs droppings
2006-07-15 Alan Coopersmithrenamed: .cvsignore -> .gitignore
2005-12-15 Kevin E MartinUpdate package version number for final X11R7 release...
2005-10-19 Kevin E MartinUpdate package version number for RC1 release.
2005-08-02 Eric AnholtAdd basic .cvsignore files for proto modules.
2005-07-29 Kevin E MartinVarious changes preparing packages for RC0:
2005-07-03 Daniel StoneChange include path to <X11/fonts/font.h>.
2005-05-21 Daniel StoneSet version to 1.1.
2005-05-19 Adam Jacksonrevert last change, didn't do right thing at all, sorry...
8 years ago NOKIA-HARMATTAN_UPDATE-1 Xorg 1.7 update for harmattan
8 years ago master