2009-07-22 Peter Huttererinputproto inputproto-
2009-07-20 Peter HuttererXI2: remove Keysym grabs, use Keycode grabs instead.
2009-07-14 Peter Huttererinputproto inputproto-
2009-07-14 Peter HuttererAdd the enter/leave detail defines, same as the core...
2009-07-14 Peter HuttererFormatting fix, s/tabs/spaces/
2009-07-14 Daniel StoneDevice{,Raw}Event: Add flags field.
2009-07-13 Peter HuttererXI2: Split up raw events into multiple event types.
2009-07-13 Peter HuttererFix XIMaskLen macro.
2009-07-12 Peter Huttererinputproto inputproto-
2009-06-23 Peter HuttererAdd effective group and modifiers to XIGroupInfo/XIModi...
2009-06-17 Peter HuttererXIDeviceChangedEvents may occur on master devices too.
2009-06-16 Peter Huttererinputproto inputproto-
2009-06-16 Peter HuttererUse the term 'labels' to refer to button and axes labels.
2009-06-16 Peter HuttererInclude valuator value in XIValuatorClasses
2009-06-13 Peter HuttererInclude button state in XIButtonClasses.
2009-06-12 Peter HuttererAdd a source field to the class information.
2009-06-12 Peter HuttererAdd note that bumping XI_LASTEVENT requires changes...
2009-06-12 Peter HuttererEnsure XIAnyModifier is an unsigned int.
2009-06-12 Peter HuttererXISelectEventsReq should use win (not window), like...
2009-06-12 Peter HuttererXI2proto: document XSetClientPointer behaviour on None...
2009-06-08 Peter Huttererinputproto inputproto-
2009-06-08 Peter HuttererxXIHierarchyEvent should list num_info, not num_devices.
2009-06-08 Peter HuttererRename XICreateMaster to XIAddMaster for consistency.
2009-06-08 Peter HuttererUpdate comment referring to an old naming scheme.
2009-06-08 Peter HuttererDocument BadValue error for XIHierarchyEvents selection...
2009-06-04 Peter HuttererXIQueryVersion may return a BadValue for major_version...
2009-05-31 Peter HuttererMove the XI2 index into versions[] over to XI2.h
2009-05-29 Peter HuttererSpecify modifier interactions with attached slave devic...
2009-05-28 Peter Huttererinputproto inputproto-
2009-05-28 Peter HuttererMirror the core enter/focus modes and add the passive...
2009-05-27 Peter HuttererAdd Enter/FocusIn passive grabs.
2009-05-27 Peter HuttererXI2proto.txt: remove one more keycode mentioning, fix...
2009-05-25 Peter HuttererAdd XIGetSelectedEvents request and reply.
2009-05-19 Benjamin CloseXI2proto.h: fix two comments referring to the old namin...
2009-05-16 Peter Huttererinputproto inputproto-
2009-05-16 Peter HuttererDocument naming conventions for XI2proto.h.
2009-05-16 Peter HuttererXI2proto: define Window, Cursor, Atom and Time as uint32_t.
2009-05-16 Peter HuttererXI2.h: remove XI2Mask, add XISetMask and friends.
2009-05-16 Peter HuttererAdd XIAnyButton and XIAnyKeysym.
2009-05-14 Peter HuttererXIQueryPointer needs to include sensible button/modifie...
2009-05-14 Peter HuttererAdd an introduction to XI2proto.txt
2009-05-12 Peter HuttererXI2proto.txt: remove more mentioning of keycode grabs
2009-05-12 Peter HuttererRemove superfluous "Device" from protocol requests...
2009-05-12 Peter HuttererAdd per-device flags to XIDeviceHierarchyEvents
2009-05-12 Peter HuttererDefine Cursor as CARD32.
2009-05-11 Peter HuttererXI2proto.h: doxygen-ify
2009-05-11 Peter HuttererXI2proto.h: s/uint32_t/Time/ where appropriate
2009-05-07 Peter HuttererPrefix all XI2 constants with "XI" -> inputproto 1... inputproto-
2009-05-07 Peter HuttererAdd XI2 property requests.
2009-05-07 Peter HuttererXI2: add passive grabs.
2009-04-25 Peter HuttererXI2 spec: Add some more Grab/Ungrab/AllowEvents documen...
2009-04-22 Benjamin CloseDefine the Cursor datasize correctly
2009-04-22 Paul "TBBle... Fix typo in XI2proto.txt
2009-04-20 Peter HuttererAdd XIAllowEvents.
2009-04-19 Peter HuttererChange FP1616 into a single int32_t.
2009-04-19 Peter HuttererAdd GrabDevice and UngrabDevice XI2 requests.
2009-04-10 Peter HuttererRevert "Add major/minor version as supported by client...
2009-04-10 Peter HuttererXI2proto.txt: fix typo
2009-04-10 Peter HuttererWe don't need to define KeyCode and Mask.
2009-04-10 Peter HuttererUndef Window, Time, etc. after usage again to avoid...
2009-03-20 Peter HuttererRemove IsFloating - we don't need this in XI 1.x anymore.
2009-03-20 Peter HuttererMove XI_2_Major/Minor to XI2.h
2009-03-20 Peter HuttererMove AttachToMaster, Floating to XI2.h
2009-03-20 Peter HuttererMove CH_* constants to xi2
2009-03-20 Peter HuttererRemove XI2 requests from XIproto.h
2009-03-20 Peter HuttererBump to inputproto-
2009-03-20 Peter HuttererAdd XISetDeviceFocus and XIGetDeviceFocus requests
2009-03-12 Peter HuttererAdd focus events
2009-03-12 Peter HuttererAdd buttons + modifier/group information to enter/leave...
2009-03-12 Peter HuttererDefine FP1616 as one int16_t, one uint16_t.
2009-03-12 Peter HuttererValuatorInfo moved to FP3232
2009-03-12 Peter HuttererAdd FP3232 typedef.
2009-03-12 Peter HuttererXI2: remove button state from the RawEvent.
2009-03-11 Peter HuttererSplit CH_ChangeAttachment into CH_AttachSlave and CH_De...
2009-03-11 Peter HuttererAdd XI2.h and XI2proto.h, and a few required defines...
2009-02-26 Peter HuttererAdd XI2 protocol specification document.
2009-02-26 Peter HuttererWhitespace cleanups.
2009-01-27 Paulo Cesar... Janitor: Correct make distcheck and dont distribute...
2008-10-31 Peter HuttererBump to inputproto-
2008-10-31 Peter HuttererPropertyNotify, move deviceid back to last byte.
2008-10-31 Peter HuttererRemove window access protocol requests.
2008-10-15 Julien CristauUndef Atom after we're done so we don't pollute users...
2008-10-15 Peter HuttererMake sure Atoms are defined as CARD32.
2008-09-26 Peter HuttererBump to inputproto-
2008-09-26 Peter HuttererRemove default properties (XI_PROP_MODE, XI_PROP_ENABLED)
2008-09-18 Peter HuttererRemove Configure/QueryDeviceProperty.
2008-09-18 Peter HuttererAdd XI_JOYSTICK type.
2008-09-18 Peter HuttererDon't include Xmd.h.
2008-08-15 Peter Huttererinputproto inputproto-
2008-08-15 Peter HuttererProtect against C++ includes.
2008-08-15 Peter HuttererRemove RCS tags, typo fix.
2008-08-15 Peter HuttererBack out Device Properties from XI 2, push into XI...
2008-07-29 Alan Hourihanebump to inputproto-
2008-07-28 Peter HuttererAdd DeviceControlChanged define.
2008-07-21 Alan HourihaneBump to for inputproto inputproto-
2008-07-13 Peter HuttererAdd #defines for XI_PROP_ENABLED, XI_PROP_MODE
2008-07-09 Peter HuttererSet IEVENTS back to 18, got set to 8 inadvertantly.
2008-07-09 Peter HuttererAdd XI device property requests and replies.
2008-05-28 Peter HuttererBump to inputproto-
2008-05-12 Peter HuttererRemove a leftover typedef, the code that requires it...