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2013-07-11 Peter Saint-Andretypo reported by Sharon Fridman
2010-06-21 Peter Saint-Andre1.2, with Council note
2010-03-10 Peter Saint-Andreadded reference to XEP-0201
2010-03-10 Peter Saint-Andrecorrected a reference
2010-03-10 Peter Saint-Andre1.2rc1: applied patch from Alexander and Yann
2010-02-22 Peter Saint-Andrecorrected examples
2009-09-23 Peter Saint-Andre1.1 published
2009-09-18 Peter Saint-Andreupdated revision notes
2009-09-18 Peter Saint-Andre1.2rc2
2009-04-09 Peter Saint-Andresmall text and schema fixes
2009-04-07 Peter Saint-Andre1.1rc1: Specified that collection retrieval shall be...
2009-04-05 Peter Saint-Andreremoved incorrect mention of full JID
2008-10-20 Peter Saint-AndrePDF fixes
2008-07-17 Peter Saint-Andre1.0 DRAFT
2008-05-20 Peter Saint-Andre0.18
2008-05-01 Peter Saint-Andre0.17
2008-04-28 Peter Saint-AndreBenvolio was a Montague
2008-04-18 Peter Saint-Andre0.16
2008-03-04 Peter Saint-Andre0.15
2008-02-13 Peter Saint-Andrebarejid/fulljid cleanup
2008-01-23 Peter Saint-Andreback to Experimental
2007-08-16 Peter Saint-Andre0.14
2007-07-16 Peter Saint-Andrecorrected secs values per definition
2007-05-10 Peter Saint-Andre0090 to 0202
2007-02-16 Ian Patersonadded reference to XEP-0201 and encouraged (or required...
2007-02-16 Peter Saint-Andrexhtml fixes
2007-01-19 Peter Saint-Andretypo
2007-01-15 Peter Saint-AndreXSF/SIG cleanup
2007-01-09 Peter Saint-Andre0.13
2006-12-13 Peter Saint-Andre0.13pre1
2006-11-23 Ian Paterson0.12 RC1 major additions (see document)
2006-11-05 Ian Paterson0.11 RC2 corrected schema renamed two attribute values
2006-11-03 Ian Paterson0.11 RC1 added otr attribute values and explanatory...
2006-11-02 Ian Patersonchanged the never value of the use attribute to forbid
2006-11-02 Ian Patersonchanged the deny value of the otr attribute to never
2006-11-02 Ian Patersonchanged the try value of the otr attribute to prefer
2006-10-11 Ian Patersoncorrected date of version 0.10
2006-10-11 Peter Saint-AndreProposed
2006-10-05 Ian Patersonauto-archiving warning for legacy clients
2006-10-04 Peter Saint-AndreJEP to XEP
2006-10-02 Peter Saint-AndreInitial revision