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2011-01-12 stpeterautomatically deferred
2010-05-04 Peter Saint-AndreProposed
2009-04-17 Peter Saint-Andretypo
2009-04-10 Peter Saint-Andre0.6
2009-03-31 Peter Saint-Andreclarified that IP address can be v4 or v6
2009-03-14 Peter Saint-Andre0.5 with corrected publication date
2009-03-06 Helge TimenesAdded example with IP address. Corrected closing &lt...
2009-02-20 Peter Saint-AndreNSVER
2009-02-17 Peter Saint-Andre0.4 published
2009-02-17 Helge TimenesAdded IP address to the type of beacons. Changed the...
2009-02-03 Helge TimenesCorrected <latitude/> and <longitude/> and tags in...
2009-01-06 Peter Saint-Andreoops, this is actually 0.3
2009-01-06 Peter Saint-Andre0.4: schema fixes with XEP Editor adjustments
2009-01-06 Helge TimenesUpdated schema to reflect changes made in previous...
2008-12-20 Helge TimenesCorrected name-space in section 10.1. Removed extra...
2008-12-17 Peter Saint-AndreXEP Editor fixes
2008-12-17 Helge Timenesadded signal strength to beaconelement. fixed some...
2008-11-13 Peter Saint-Andreinitial version