2010-08-24 Aurélien BompardMake image inline threshold a parameter (#1), and remov...
2010-08-22 Aurélien BompardAccept paragraphs inside paragraph-like elements (like...
2010-08-22 Aurélien BompardTable header styles can only be on the first line
2010-08-22 Aurélien BompardColspan and basic rowspan support
2010-08-21 Aurélien BompardFix Makefile
2010-08-21 Aurélien BompardHandle borders for one-column tables
2010-08-13 Aurélien BompardAdd release-related commands
2010-08-13 Aurélien BompardAdd GeSHi-specific code for line numbering v1.1
2010-08-13 Aurélien BompardSplit the line-breaking and the space-preserving code
2010-08-13 Aurélien Bompardadd some comments
2010-08-13 Aurélien BompardInstead of having a margin on the Preformatted style...
2010-08-13 Aurélien Bompardadd .txt extension to LICENCE
2010-08-13 Aurélien BompardFix tests broken by commit 83216a585c9
2010-08-13 Aurélien BompardConvert README from markdown to RST
2010-08-13 Aurélien BompardAdd news file
2010-08-13 Aurélien BompardAdd automatic changelog generation
2010-08-13 Aurélien BompardRemove trailing whitespaces
2010-08-13 Aurélien BompardMerge branch 'css'
2010-08-12 Aurélien BompardOnly add highlight styles if they are necessary
2010-08-12 Aurélien BompardLeave alone the span tags with styles attributes so...
2010-08-12 Aurélien Bomparddocumentation and cosmetics
2010-08-12 Aurélien BompardAdd initial support for inline CSS styles in <span...
2010-08-11 Aurélien BompardDon't use non-breaking spaces when they're not needed
2010-08-11 Aurélien Bompardleftover debug
2010-08-11 Aurélien Bompardallow div tags inside paragraphs (use case: source...
2010-08-11 Aurélien BompardPut source code in its own paragraph style
2010-08-11 Aurélien BompardAlways save test results
2010-08-11 Aurélien Bompardbizarre whitespace
2010-08-11 Aurélien BompardAdd a simple bash script to run the stylesheets
2010-08-11 Aurélien Bompardfix abusive cut-n-paste
2010-08-11 Aurélien BompardRefactoring of the syntax highlighting code
2010-08-11 Aurélien Bompardfix unit test
2010-08-10 Aurélien BompardMore syntax coloration
2010-08-10 Aurélien BompardMore syntax coloration
2010-08-10 Aurélien BompardSeparate specific styles
2010-08-10 Aurélien BompardSupport for source code syntax highlighting
2010-08-10 Aurélien BompardHandle non-breaking spaces
2010-08-10 Aurélien BompardAllow subelements inside <pre> tags
2010-08-08 Aurélien BompardLatest LGPL version in the 2.x series is 2.1, not 2.0 v1.0
2010-08-08 Stefan ZellerAdd support for the "u" tag (underline)
2010-07-23 Aurélien Bompardadd uninstall target, and fix DATADIR usage
2010-07-23 Aurélien BompardUse the default template if not specified on the comman...
2010-07-23 Aurélien BompardDocumentation improvements
2010-07-22 Aurélien BompardUpdate the website's URL
2010-07-22 Aurélien BompardRemove debug prints
2010-07-22 Aurélien BompardCosmetic changes to make pylint more happy
2010-07-18 Aurélien BompardTODO added to the projects' tickets
2010-07-10 Aurélien BompardGenerate and install the man page
2010-07-10 Aurélien BompardLicense change: GPL to LGPL
2010-07-10 Aurélien BompardPython script: don't crash if the selected ID is not...
2010-06-11 Aurélien BompardRename README and use DOS-style line endings for our...
2010-06-11 Aurélien BompardAdd download link
2010-05-11 Aurélien BompardImprove support for the HTML5 <aside> element
2010-05-10 Aurélien BompardInitial support for HTML5
2010-05-02 Aurélien BompardAdd todo for HTML5 support
2010-04-20 Aurélien BompardAdd some exceptions handling
2010-04-13 Aurélien BompardPython script: remove debug
2010-04-13 Aurélien BompardPython script: don't generate absolute paths in the...
2010-04-13 Aurélien BompardPHP script: better handling of the -u option
2010-04-12 Aurélien BompardPHP script: fix inverted usage of strpos()
2010-04-12 Aurélien BompardAdd detection of the curl extension in the PHP script...
2010-04-12 Aurélien BompardFix an abusive use of --amend
2010-04-12 Aurélien BompardAdd a check for XSLTProcessor in the PHP script
2010-04-12 Aurélien BompardAdd verbose mode for PHP script
2010-04-12 Aurélien BompardPHP 5.2 compatibility: use short options for URL and...
2010-04-12 Aurélien BompardPHP 5.2 compatibility: use short options for URL and...
2010-04-12 Aurélien BompardMake the python script compatible with lxml < 2.2 ...
2010-04-11 Aurélien BompardUpdate README file
2010-04-11 Aurélien BompardChange license of the PHP script from AGPLv3 to GPLv2+
2010-04-11 Aurélien BompardAdd documentation generation
2010-04-11 Aurélien BompardRemove done items from the TODO
2010-04-11 Aurélien BompardImprove documentation
2010-04-11 Aurélien BompardImprove local images handling
2010-04-10 Aurélien BompardMake the PHP script executable
2010-04-10 Aurélien BompardCleanups for xhtml2odt.php
2010-04-09 Aurélien BompardFirst basically working version of the PHP script
2010-04-08 Aurélien BompardSmall documentation fix
2010-04-08 Aurélien BompardStart of a PHP-based conversion script
2010-04-03 Aurélien BompardAdd extensive documentation
2010-04-03 Aurélien BompardRename the tpldir option to stylesdir for clarity
2010-04-03 Aurélien BompardMinor style and formatting cleanups
2010-04-03 Aurélien BompardAdd options to cut off a part of the ODT template
2010-03-19 Aurélien BompardAdd text:outline-level attributes to headings for valid...
2010-03-19 Aurélien BompardDon't leave a line-break at the end of preformatted...
2010-03-19 Aurélien BompardAdd a 'clean' target
2010-03-19 Aurélien BompardSplit link handling off inline elements for clarity
2010-03-19 Aurélien BompardHandle a 'in paragraph' mode
2010-03-19 Aurélien BompardAdd two functionnal tests
2010-03-19 Aurélien BompardIgnore some more tags
2010-03-19 Aurélien BompardFix functional test 1
2010-03-19 Aurélien BompardFix a small bug in the list test
2010-03-19 Aurélien BompardAdd full functionnal test
2010-03-12 Aurélien BompardFix text style in dt and dd tags.
2010-03-12 Aurélien BompardCleanups
2010-03-12 Aurélien BompardDon't try to fully support p/block groups yet, it's...
2010-03-10 Aurélien BompardEven better handling of text inside p/block-type groups...
2010-03-10 Aurélien BompardBetter handling of text inside p/block-type groups
2010-03-10 Aurélien BompardHandle text in p/p groups, and factorize paragraph...
2010-03-10 Aurélien BompardRename some tests to be more explicit
2010-01-09 Aurélien BompardBetter handling of image size