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2014-07-08 Nathan O'SullivanCentos 7 support master
2014-03-20 Nathan O' Ability to run arbitrary command inside...
2014-03-20 Nathan O'SullivanAdd symlink for trusty
2014-02-17 Nathan O'SullivanDo not create menu.lst on HVM guests
2014-02-17 Nathan O'SullivanUbuntu manages to start SSH during install, need to...
2014-02-17 Nathan O'SullivanUse ${disk_device} instead of hard-coding xvda
2014-01-14 Nathan O'SullivanAdd '-y' to yum update
2013-06-05 Nathan O'SullivanFixes for Centos; minor change to precise kernel install
2013-04-26 Nathan O'SullivanOpenSUSE 12.3 support
2013-04-21 Nathan O'SullivanFixes for wheezy and precise. Additional Fedora entries
2012-05-01 Nathan O'SullivanRemove /etc/resolv.conf symlink
2012-05-01 Nathan O'SullivanDisable resolvconf from starting
2012-04-26 Nathan O'SullivanNot needed
2012-04-26 Nathan O'SullivanGive precise its own directory
2012-02-22 Nathan O'SullivanCentos 6.2 requires i686 as the platform now
2012-02-21 Nathan O'Sullivancentos kernel fixes
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