2010-10-16 Jeff MitchellVersion 1.1 master
2010-10-04 Jeff MitchellUpdate to specify escaping of colons, semicolons, and...
2010-09-09 Jeff Mitchellsimple whitespace fix
2010-09-09 Jeff MitchellVersion 1.0
2010-09-01 Jeff MitchellUpdate to 1.0 RC3.
2010-07-14 Jeff MitchellUpdate wording and compilations sections
2010-07-13 Jeff MitchellVersion 1.0RC2
2010-05-30 Jeff MitchellMinor formatting update
2010-05-30 Jeff MitchellUpdate to 1.0 RC1
2010-04-15 Jeff MitchellUpdate to fourth draft
2010-04-14 Jeff MitchellSome updates to the specification getting ready for...
2010-01-25 Jeff MitchellUpdates to spec (see changelog)
2010-01-25 Jeff MitchellUpdated some text.
2009-11-13 Jeff MitchellThird draft
2009-11-03 Jeff MitchellSecond draft. See changelog for details.
2009-10-14 Jeff MitchellAdd first version of FMP spec document.
2009-06-29 Aaron Seigostart of an orgs file; i wonder if this should be part...
2009-06-29 Aaron SeigoExtended Window Manager Hints
2009-06-29 Aaron SeigoSam Latinga
2009-06-29 Aaron Seigopeople for the wm spec
2009-04-14 LEW21Ported XDND spec to semantic XHTML2.
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigosome notes on adopter status
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigospecification.xml
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigokeep track of authors in metadata.xml
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigovarious cleanups and updates
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigoinitial import of the galago spec
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigomention changelogs
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigoxdnd->XDND
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigoeven more sensible
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigodeprecated -> attic
2009-04-01 Aaron J. Seigoadd version information
2009-04-01 Aaron J. Seigostart of an explanatory document
2009-04-01 Aaron J. Seigodocument the revisions
2009-04-01 Aaron J. Seigoupdate
2009-04-01 Aaron J. Seigoformat this up a bit
2009-04-01 Aaron J. Seigostart with the xdnd protocol