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2009-07-12 LEW21Made the specs human-readable - added XSLT file, that... master
2009-07-12 LEW21Updated README.
2009-07-12 LEW21Created initial version of XSLT transformer from DocBoo...
2009-06-29 Aaron Seigostart of an orgs file; i wonder if this should be part...
2009-06-29 Aaron SeigoExtended Window Manager Hints
2009-06-29 Aaron SeigoSam Latinga
2009-06-29 Aaron Seigopeople for the wm spec
2009-04-14 LEW21Ported XDND spec to semantic XHTML2.
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigosome notes on adopter status
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigospecification.xml
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigokeep track of authors in metadata.xml
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigovarious cleanups and updates
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigoinitial import of the galago spec
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigomention changelogs
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigoxdnd->XDND
2009-04-02 Aaron J. Seigoeven more sensible
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