gingerbread: Use upstream oom_adj settings
[xdandroid:rootfs.git] / init
2011-01-22 Bryan StineGingerbread support
2010-11-08 Bryan StineMove some module upkeep out of the kernel-version condi...
2010-10-29 Bryan StineAdd OTA update support
2010-09-17 Bryan StineMount sdcard with utf8 support
2010-08-28 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesThis time is the right one ! (Still gralloc for WVGA)
2010-08-27 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesFix gralloc this time ?
2010-08-27 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesMissing space for proper if
2010-08-27 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd new gralloc for WVGA devices
2010-08-16 Bryan StineOops. Forgot to revert removal of flush parameter....
2010-08-16 Bryan StineUse relatime for sdcard and disable early flush
2010-08-16 Bryan StineRework partitioned SD layout. Use relatime in all cases.
2010-08-13 Bryan StineGet rid of the backupsystem stuff.
2010-08-13 Bryan StineAdd sdcard_part cmdline switch to tell init where the...
2010-08-03 babijoeeAdded two kb layout
2010-07-22 Mathew McBrideMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-07-21 Bryan StineMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-07-20 Mathew McBrides/venus/kovsky/g
2010-07-19 Bryan StineGenerate a "serial number" for Android, pass it via...
2010-07-19 Bryan StineFix typo that broke /mnt/asec
2010-07-19 Mathew McBrideMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-07-15 Bryan StineAdd /mnt/asec directory
2010-07-15 Bryan StineMove build.prop bind mount after all modifications...
2010-07-15 Bryan StineFix for secure storage and asec containers on Froyo
2010-07-13 Mathew McBrideFix typo when selecting xperia keymap
2010-07-12 Mathew McBrideDetect xperia and set screen rotation parameter
2010-07-07 Bryan Stinevold.fstab does not include /sys in the device path
2010-07-06 Bryan StineThanks to paalsteek and hamagc for developing and testi...
2010-07-06 Bryan Stineinit: Fix for CDMA SD cards with froyo
2010-06-25 Bryan StineSet rild parameters for froyo
2010-06-25 Bryan StineTry with bundled libh_l
2010-06-25 Bryan StineFroyo support!
2010-06-13 babijoeeRenaming nordic keymap to 'physkeyboard=nordic_raph...
2010-06-13 makkonenBetter fix for looping animation -- Load /bin into...
2010-06-12 babijoeeAdded RAPH nordic keyboard layout. Set to "physkeyboard...
2010-06-11 babijoeePossible fix for looping animation error for some users.
2010-06-11 JoeePossible fix for looping boot animation.
2010-05-12 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesOne libhardware_legacy to rule them all.
2010-05-10 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd GPS support for other devices (needs testing on...
2010-04-20 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesModified bcm4325 libhardware_legacy to work with eclair...
2010-04-18 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd nordic keymap from maejrep
2010-04-13 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesMerge branch 'master' of
2010-04-07 Bryan Stineinit: Do not unpack modules in the presence of a previo...
2010-04-05 Brendan ShanksAdd RHOD500 keymap (thanks to 1900 and Hoochster)
2010-03-18 Bryan StineBind /lib/donut/hw for sensors
2010-03-18 Bryan StineMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-03-18 Bryan StineHack to remove any old wlan.ko that got copied from...
2010-03-18 Bryan StineRemove unused libs and modules.
2010-03-18 Bryan StineRemove bundled wlan.ko, rearrange modules to support...
2010-03-14 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesDisable rhod's wifi on eclairhero. They are incompatibl...
2010-03-11 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-11 Bryan StineBind /lib/eclair/hw -> /system/lib/hw on eclair builds...
2010-03-09 Bryan StineSet symlinks for default keylayout and keychar. Bind...
2010-03-07 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd RHOD400 keymap
2010-03-05 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesOops, add keymap files. Also add IT keymap
2010-03-04 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd rhod100_uk, rhod100_fr and rhod100_de keymaps
2010-03-04 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesSearch for nocrc= instead of 0xbd first byte, to know...
2010-03-01 makkonenRemoved init command to add android apn for cdma
2010-02-28 makkonen(bzo) Fixed machine type test in init script
2010-02-28 makkonenChanged 'android-dist' to 'andboot' (as used by the...
2010-02-28 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesSet pppd as setuid
2010-02-28 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd support for GSM rhod
2010-02-28 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesDefault android subpath is android-dist instead of...
2010-02-28 Bryan StineMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-02-27 Brendan ShanksEnable Broadcom WiFi on Rhodium
2010-02-23 makkonenSuppress mount --bind /bin/su errors
2010-02-23 makkonenRemoved complaint about /data/modules already existing
2010-02-22 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd msm_camera /dev entries
2010-02-18 makkonenUpdate SQLite command to correctly add Android APN...
2010-02-16 makkonenFixed a few /sdcard vs /sdcard/android discrepancies...
2010-02-16 makkonenAdded Dropbear SSH
2010-02-07 Bryan D. StineSync to XDANDROID 7 Feb - Wifi, HW3D Changes
2010-02-04 Bryan D. Stinebabijoee: 4 Feb 2010 update.
2010-02-03 Bryan D. StineInitial import of eclair rootfs image