some more blink attribute permission settings
[xdandroid:rootfs.git] / init.cfg / init.froyo.rc
2011-09-20 mweirauchsome more blink attribute permission settings
2011-09-18 mweirauchadd /dev/htc_acoustic_wince (non-hyphen variant) support
2011-07-16 Bryan StineMerge branch 'master' of git:// 4
2011-07-01 Bryan Stinefroyo: Rename tiwlan0 wpa driver to wlan0
2011-06-17 Bryan StineAbstract hciattach service and add Rhodium bluetooth...
2011-05-13 mweirauchadd /dev/tpa2016d2 permissions (rhod amplifier)
2011-05-06 Bryan StineMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/3' of git://gitorious...
2011-05-02 Bryan StineMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2011-05-01 mweirauchinit.<build>.rc: add permissions for /dev/htc-acoustic_...
2011-04-30 Bryan StineMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2011-04-30 Howard ChuRevert /dev/smd7 checks
2011-04-30 Howard ChuTweak filesystem/SDcard cache parameters
2011-04-30 Howard ChuEXTERNAL_STORAGE_STATE prop is obsolete
2011-04-22 Howard ChuGet ril path from rild.libpath property
2011-04-22 Howard ChuAlways use wlan0 as interface name
2011-04-17 Howard ChuCheck for /dev/smd7 for ppp
2011-04-16 mweirauchadd sysfs amber led and auto_backlight write support
2011-04-13 Howard ChuAdd /dev/smd7, drop unused ppp files
2011-04-12 Howard ChuAllow Van Jacobsen compression to be negotiated
2011-04-10 Howard ChuFaster timeouts for failed connections
2011-04-06 Howard ChuStill need linkname to get scripts to execute
2011-04-05 Howard ChuDrop bin/pppd, use init service with /system/bin/pppd...
2011-01-29 Bryan StineFix memory handling values to match upstream.
2011-01-22 Bryan Stineinit.froyo.rc: Add ueventd (for new binary...
2011-01-22 Bryan Stineinit.froyo.rc: Update memory management values for...
2010-09-17 Bryan StineAdd netd wrapper to load netfilter modules needed for...
2010-07-21 Bryan StineMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-07-19 Mathew McBrideMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-07-15 Bryan Stinefroyo: We don't have apanic for now, so remove those...
2010-07-02 Bryan Stinefroyo: revert dhcpcd to normal init service
2010-07-01 Bryan Stinefroyo: Use dhcpcd script because libnetutils is full...
2010-07-01 Bryan StineTesting
2010-07-01 Bryan StineRemove unneeded loader, update tiwlan config
2010-06-30 Bryan Stinefroyo: Use correct tty for bluetooth
2010-06-29 Bryan Stinefroyo: Start wifi as root
2010-06-29 Bryan Stinefroyo: Fix PATH, change dhcpcd arguments
2010-06-29 Bryan StineMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-06-29 Bryan Stinefroyo: /mnt/sdcard -> /sdcard
2010-06-27 babijoeeUpdate init.froyo.rc to enable scanning for Wireless...
2010-06-25 Bryan StineFroyo: fix hciattach arguments, updated wlan loader
2010-06-25 Bryan StineFroyo init: Re-add bluetooth, wifi. Fix keystore servic...
2010-06-25 Bryan StineUse numeric keystore uid/gid for froyo again
2010-06-25 Bryan StineSet rild parameters for froyo
2010-06-25 Bryan StineFroyo support!