Oops, add keymap files. Also add IT keymap
[xdandroid:rootfs.git] / init
2010-03-05 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesOops, add keymap files. Also add IT keymap
2010-03-04 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd rhod100_uk, rhod100_fr and rhod100_de keymaps
2010-03-04 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesSearch for nocrc= instead of 0xbd first byte, to know...
2010-03-01 makkonenRemoved init command to add android apn for cdma
2010-02-28 makkonen(bzo) Fixed machine type test in init script
2010-02-28 makkonenChanged 'android-dist' to 'andboot' (as used by the...
2010-02-28 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesSet pppd as setuid
2010-02-28 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd support for GSM rhod
2010-02-28 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesDefault android subpath is android-dist instead of...
2010-02-28 Bryan StineMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/xdandroid...
2010-02-27 Brendan ShanksEnable Broadcom WiFi on Rhodium
2010-02-23 makkonenSuppress mount --bind /bin/su errors
2010-02-23 makkonenRemoved complaint about /data/modules already existing
2010-02-22 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd msm_camera /dev entries
2010-02-18 makkonenUpdate SQLite command to correctly add Android APN...
2010-02-16 makkonenFixed a few /sdcard vs /sdcard/android discrepancies...
2010-02-16 makkonenAdded Dropbear SSH
2010-02-07 Bryan D. StineSync to XDANDROID 7 Feb - Wifi, HW3D Changes
2010-02-04 Bryan D. Stinebabijoee: 4 Feb 2010 update.
2010-02-03 Bryan D. StineInitial import of eclair rootfs image