2011-07-14 Bryan StineTransition RHOD endcall key to home now that we have...
2011-07-02 Bryan StineUpdate init.android for hyc's merge requests.
2011-07-02 Bryan StineUpdated apns-conf.xml
2011-07-01 Bryan StineAdd transition for tiwlan0 rename on existing data...
2011-07-01 Bryan StineUpdates for TI wifi rename
2011-07-01 Bryan Stinefroyo: Rename tiwlan0 wpa driver to wlan0
2011-06-17 Bryan StineAbstract hciattach service and add Rhodium bluetooth...
2011-06-11 Bryan StineBind-mount /sdcard/.android_secure -> /mnt/secure/asec...
2011-06-11 Bryan StineRemove NEW_ROOT logic, which appears to have issues.
2011-05-06 Bryan StineMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/3' of git://gitorious...
2011-05-02 Bryan StineMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2011-05-01 Howard ChuJust symlink /init.rc, don't copy it
2011-05-01 Howard ChuDrop Broadcom init.rc edits
2011-05-01 mweirauchinit.<build>.rc: add permissions for /dev/htc-acoustic_...
2011-05-01 mweirauchRevert "Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git...
2011-05-01 Howard ChuMissed a Droidwall module in earlier commit 2
2011-04-30 Bryan StineSync froyo ril blob from hyc's codebase.
2011-04-30 Bryan StineMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2011-04-30 Howard ChuRevert /dev/smd7 checks
2011-04-30 Howard ChuFix check for smd7
2011-04-30 Howard ChuTweak filesystem/SDcard cache parameters
2011-04-30 Howard ChuEXTERNAL_STORAGE_STATE prop is obsolete
2011-04-30 Howard ChuAdd special shutdown and reboot services
2011-04-30 Howard ChuUse /system directly, don't bind mount off /data
2011-04-30 Howard ChuFix missing '+' in dialer
2011-04-27 Howard ChuMinimize data mounts. WIP
2011-04-27 Howard ChuSet perms on /mnt/xx
2011-04-27 Howard ChuMore for froyo secure mounts
2011-04-25 Howard ChuFix local.prop, copy eri.xml
2011-04-23 Howard ChuUse 2MB readahead on SD card
2011-04-22 Howard ChuDrop ip link commands, they're useless here
2011-04-22 Howard ChuFix default repo
2011-04-22 Howard ChuJust symlink lib/modules to system
2011-04-22 Howard ChuLoad modules for DroidWall
2011-04-22 Howard ChuGet ril path from rild.libpath property
2011-04-22 Howard ChuCleanup app install. keyboard selection
2011-04-22 Howard ChuCopy /sdcard/local.prop to /data/local.prop
2011-04-22 Howard ChuAlways use wlan0 as interface name
2011-04-21 Howard ChuPreliminary cleanup
2011-04-20 Howard ChuNew init.android, from system/core... 1
2011-04-17 Howard ChuCheck for /dev/smd7 for ppp
2011-04-16 mweirauchadd sysfs amber led and auto_backlight write support
2011-04-13 Howard ChuAdd /dev/smd7, drop unused ppp files
2011-04-12 Howard ChuAllow Van Jacobsen compression to be negotiated
2011-04-10 Howard ChuFaster timeouts for failed connections
2011-04-10 Howard ChuAndroid pppd doesn't setenv LINKNAME, check the filename
2011-04-10 Howard ChuGet rid of smodem stuff
2011-04-06 Howard ChuStill need linkname to get scripts to execute
2011-04-05 Howard ChuNo longer used
2011-04-05 Howard ChuDrop bin/pppd, use init service with /system/bin/pppd...
2011-03-23 Howard ChuFix comment
2011-03-23 Howard ChuPlug more mem leaks
2011-03-23 Howard ChuSignal strength fixes, and plug memory leak in signal...
2011-03-23 Howard ChuPreliminary merge with git://androidhtc.git.sourceforge...
2011-03-23 Martin JohnsonTry to decode unicode chars.
2011-02-24 Bryan Stinegingerbread: Decouple libs from rootfs, use versions...
2011-02-10 Bryan StineAdd new ril binary based on emwe's xdandroid-ril commit...
2011-02-10 Bryan StineUpdated froyo libsensors to help with system_server...
2011-02-06 mweirauchxdandroid-ril: add missing return and free in requestNe...
2011-02-06 mweirauchxdandroid-ril: fix fprintf() usage
2011-02-05 Bryan StineAdd LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS for gingerbread build system.
2011-01-29 Bryan StineFix memory handling values to match upstream.
2011-01-22 Bryan StineTry dropping in FRX04-built RIL to see if there is...
2011-01-22 Bryan Stineinit.recovery.rc: Add ueventd for new init.android...
2011-01-22 Bryan Stineinit.froyo.rc: Add ueventd (for new init.android binary...
2011-01-22 Bryan Stineinit.froyo.rc: Update memory management values for...
2011-01-22 Bryan Stineinit.gingerbread.rc: Fix whitespace
2011-01-22 Bryan StineRemove WVGA gralloc, merge proper changes into gralloc...
2011-01-22 Bryan Stinegingerbread: Use upstream oom_adj settings
2011-01-22 Bryan StineGingerbread support
2010-11-15 Bryan StineAdd correct lights.msm7k.so as referenced in c11971c
2010-11-08 Bryan StineMove some module upkeep out of the kernel-version condi...
2010-11-03 Bryan StineMerge new liblights binary with emwe's logic fixes.
2010-10-29 Bryan StineAdd OTA update support
2010-10-23 Bryan StineAdd froyo liblights with ambient light sensor support.
2010-10-22 Bryan StineUpdate rhod210 keymap to fix dpad directions. Thanks...
2010-10-21 Justin RichesonRhod home/power switch changes for 210/400/500
2010-10-20 Bryan StineUpdate rhod keymaps for new power button scancode
2010-10-19 Bryan StineUpdate oldqwerty as well
2010-10-19 Bryan StineUpdate keylayouts for Home key change.
2010-10-15 Bryan StineRemap generic Raph navipads
2010-10-15 Bryan StineRemap Fuze navipad
2010-10-15 Bryan StineRemove executable bits
2010-09-17 Bryan StineWhoops, we don't have bash!
2010-09-17 Bryan StineAdd netd wrapper to load netfilter modules needed for...
2010-09-17 Bryan StineAdd BCM4325 infrastructure mode firmware for tethering
2010-09-17 Bryan StineMount sdcard with utf8 support
2010-08-28 HUSSON Pierre... This time is the right one ! (Still gralloc for WVGA)
2010-08-27 HUSSON Pierre... Fix gralloc this time ?
2010-08-27 HUSSON Pierre... Missing space for proper if
2010-08-27 HUSSON Pierre... Add new gralloc for WVGA devices
2010-08-16 Bryan StineExample generator script: Reduce reserved space to...
2010-08-16 Bryan StineOops. Forgot to revert removal of flush parameter....
2010-08-16 Bryan StineUse relatime for sdcard and disable early flush
2010-08-16 Bryan StineRework partitioned SD layout. Use relatime in all cases.
2010-08-13 Bryan StineGet rid of the backupsystem stuff.
2010-08-13 Bryan StineAdd sdcard_part cmdline switch to tell init where the...
2010-08-03 babijoeeAdded two kb layout
2010-08-03 babijoeeAdding 2 new raph layouts.
2010-07-23 Mathew McBridexperia formware image no longer required