Sync froyo ril blob from hyc's codebase.
[xdandroid:rootfs.git] / htcgeneric-ril.c
2011-04-30 Bryan StineMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2011-03-23 Howard ChuFix comment
2011-03-23 Howard ChuPlug more mem leaks
2011-03-23 Howard ChuSignal strength fixes, and plug memory leak in signal...
2011-03-23 Howard ChuPreliminary merge with git://androidhtc.git.sourceforge...
2011-02-06 mweirauchxdandroid-ril: add missing return and free in requestNe...
2011-02-06 mweirauchxdandroid-ril: fix fprintf() usage
2010-05-17 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesMerge branch 'diamond' of
2010-05-17 captnoordwinmo power fixes
2010-03-31 Brendan ShanksAdd CDMA support for CDMA+GSM world phones (like Rhodiu...
2010-03-30 Brendan ShanksDisable unused code for CDMA IMSI (since CDMA uses...
2010-03-26 Bryan StineImplement SIM PIN change
2010-03-26 Bryan StineFix PIN unlock, possibly enable PIN change
2010-03-25 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd \n to pap/chap-secret, and use 'user' command not...
2010-03-21 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd GSM/WCDMA switch. Code from mdrobnak.
2010-03-21 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesReenable user/pass auth
2010-03-14 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesYet another try at fixing stupid providers' SMS.
2010-03-14 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesFix the sms kills RIL issue.
2010-03-07 Brendan Shanks(aatreya) Fix CDMA plus-code dialing
2010-03-07 Brendan ShanksFix ERIIND crash and warnings
2010-03-06 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesRemove first symbol only if the call parameter starts...
2010-03-06 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd north_am_dialing=1 option to remove the '+' for...
2010-02-01 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd slow_sim and force_cdma options
2010-01-15 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAndroid wants cellid/LAC as hexadecimal
2010-01-06 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesWorkaround for +/00 problem
2009-12-16 HUSSON Pierre-Hugues(makkonen) Hangup data connection before trying to...
2009-12-02 HUSSON Pierre-HuguesAdd CDMA support on raph/diam/blac, and luckily tower...
2009-10-18 Martin JohnsonWait 20s after dialing the network connection, otherwis...
2009-10-13 Martin JohnsonMissing part of patch
2009-10-13 Martin JohnsonAdd missing variable
2009-10-13 Martin JohnsonMove ppp setup into the RIL, thanks to mdrobnak. This...
2009-10-11 Martin JohnsonFix USSD for MMI Messages. Lets you get your balance...
2009-09-14 Martin JohnsonFix for Diamond, hopefully this won't break any other...
2009-08-18 Jesse CampbellFix more radio lockups
2009-08-17 Jesse CampbellFix RIL lockup and fix SMSResponse
2009-08-08 Jesse CampbellPDP context lost handled. USSD now working
2009-08-07 Jesse CampbellTurn off some init strings that break stuff
2009-08-07 Jesse CampbellFix SMS for even-number-digits
2009-08-06 Jesse CampbellReorganize the radio initialization for GSM
2009-08-06 Martin JohnsonPut SMS_EXTENDED back
2009-08-06 Martin JohnsonChange + to 00 for SMS otherwise is fails to send ...
2009-08-05 Jesse CampbellTurn on some more of the init strings
2009-08-05 Jesse CampbellChange the cell location codes back to decimal
2009-08-04 Jesse CampbellFix sending SMS with a null SMSC
2009-08-03 Jesse CampbellRework RIL based on TI idcc RIL driver
2009-08-02 Jesse CampbellFix disco GSM current connection before dialing
2009-08-01 Jesse CampbellA little data call cleanup, also add SMS_EXTENDED
2009-08-01 Jesse CampbellDetect if ppp running for cdma status
2009-08-01 Jesse CampbellFix pdp reconnect and sms receive
2009-08-01 Jesse CampbellAdd support for USSD functions, init GSM radio
2009-07-31 Jesse CampbellTake over dialing the modem connection
2009-07-30 Jesse CampbellMore indenting and fix GSM PDP connections, PIN
2009-07-30 Jesse CampbellClean up indenting
2009-07-28 Martin JohnsonFix buffer overflow for long sms messages.
2009-07-15 Martin JohnsonDon't report signal strengths on gsm devices, this...
2009-07-09 Jesse CampbellReorganize the tree