last changeSat, 19 Nov 2011 15:29:19 +0000 (16:29 +0100)
2011-11-19 mweirauchgingerbread: drop last lowmemorykiller slot setting... master
2011-11-19 arrrghhhThis new qwerty.kl file is for the Blackstone layout
2011-11-18 mweirauchgingerbread: perms for new bma150 driver
2011-11-11 mweirauchuserland perms for caps & func sysfs LED entries
2011-11-11 mweirauchgingerbread: lowmemorykiller adjustments for better...
2011-10-19 mweirauchinit: drop sleep led effect setting for diam/raph
2011-10-19 mweirauchinit.gingerbread.cfg: service name dhcpcd > dhcpcd_wlan0
2011-10-19 mweirauchfroyo: lights: report varying button brightness to...
2011-09-30 mweirauchfroyo: lights: updated raph notification support (Detul...
2011-09-30 mweirauchpermission for Capella CM3602 prox and light sensor...
2011-09-30 mweirauchfixup /dev/block/ramzswap0 creation
2011-09-20 mweirauchadd /dev/audience_A1010 permissions
2011-09-20 mweirauchsome more blink attribute permission settings
2011-09-18 mweirauchadd /dev/htc_acoustic_wince (non-hyphen variant) support
2011-09-02 Bryan StineUpdated liblights with Detule's green LED support change.
2011-09-02 Bryan StineLower readahead buffer to 256KB.
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