last changeTue, 14 Aug 2012 09:46:21 +0000 (02:46 -0700)
2012-08-14 Howard ChuOnly do auto mode switch if we're in Auto mode gingerbread
2012-08-14 Howard ChuSome SIM Toolkit support
2011-11-09 rootharden against missing calls when starting with active...
2011-08-06 Howard ChuDont kill data call when voice call hangs up
2011-08-05 Howard ChuMore call notification tweaks
2011-08-05 Howard ChuDon't fail Registration_State req if BSINFO fails
2011-08-05 Howard ChuFix AMSS version for old CDMA
2011-08-05 Howard ChuFix AT+CEER parser
2011-08-05 Howard ChuRestore original GSM/CDMA detection code
2011-08-02 Howard ChuAvoid Call_Status_Changed storms on incoming calls
2011-06-07 Howard ChuUse +PCD result for data call hangups
2011-06-01 Howard ChuFix Bearer Reply Option parameter
2011-06-01 Howard ChuFix SMS Delivery reports
2011-05-12 Howard ChuPlug memleak on BSINFO parsing error
2011-05-12 Howard ChuUse timeouts on single and multiline commands
2011-05-12 Howard ChuSet ro.cdma.home.operator.numeric automatically
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