Left tile intersect bug
[xcf-pixbuf-loader:lapognes-mainline.git] / io-xcf.c
2012-05-30 patrick roi du pétroleLeft tile intersect bug master
2010-03-05 Bastien NoceraFix parts of some possible loops with old XCFs
2010-03-05 Bastien NoceraMisc GIO patches
2010-03-05 Bastien NoceraFix assertion when opening .gz files with an old GIO
2010-03-05 Bastien NoceraAdd support for BZ2 compression using GIO
2009-11-26 Stephane Delcroixwrap .xcf.gz support in conditionals
2009-11-26 Bastien NoceraMake sure temporary files are removed before parsing
2009-11-26 Bastien NoceraAdd xcf.gz support through GIO's GConverter
2009-11-23 Bastien NoceraUse glib macros for byte-swapping
2009-11-09 Klaus EthgenFix some heavy memory leaks
2009-11-09 Stephane DelcroixDisable LOG output
2009-11-09 Klaus EthgenRemove whitespace trash
2009-11-09 Klaus EthgenReplace all g_set_error_literal by g_set_error
2009-03-20 Stephane Delcroixrevent a division by zero when both layers have an...
2009-03-16 Stephane Delcroiximplement softlight as gimp does and not as the docs...
2009-03-13 Stephane Delcroixdrop an header inclusion, check fro gmodule-2.0
2009-03-12 Stephane Delcroixxcf.bz2 decompression for static loader too (using...
2009-03-11 Stephane Delcroixadd extra check if compressed stream ends before the...
2009-03-11 Stephane Delcroixdecompress bx streams on the fly
2009-03-11 Stephane Delcroixsignature of bz2 files
2009-03-11 Stephane Delcroixavoid guchar overflow in overlay mode, fix test02.xcf
2009-03-11 Stephane Delcroixadding some TODO to self
2009-03-10 Stephane DelcroixApply layer masks
2009-03-10 Stephane Delcroixfree the layers and masks when done
2009-03-10 Stephane Delcroixattach the mask to the layer
2009-03-10 Stephane Delcroixparse layer's mask
2009-03-10 Stephane Delcroixskip invisible layers
2009-03-10 Stephane Delcroixreturn on errors
2009-03-09 Stephane DelcroixColor mode, That one was hard
2009-03-08 Stephane DelcroixValue mode
2009-03-08 Stephane DelcroixHue and Saturation modes
2009-03-03 Stephane DelcroixDissolve
2009-03-03 Stephane DelcroixDarken Only, Lighten Only, Divide, Dodge, Burn, Hard...
2009-03-03 Stephane Delcroixreduce the debug spew
2009-03-03 Stephane Delcroixset the licence header
2009-03-03 Stephane Delcroixcomposite modes implemented: Multiply, Screen, Overlay...
2009-03-02 Stephane DelcroixBlend 'Normal' layers
2009-03-02 Stephane Delcroixfactor the composition out of the main function
2009-03-02 Stephane Delcroixsplit the decoding process and the rgba padding, allowi...
2009-03-01 Stephane Delcroixsupport tiles extending outside of the canvas (crop...
2009-03-01 Stephane Delcroixapply layer opacity
2009-03-01 Stephane Delcroixreplace some int values by defeined names
2009-03-01 Stephane Delcroixskip tiles that doesn't intersect with canvas
2009-03-01 Stephane Delcroixfix the offsets decoding, render multiple layers (super...
2009-03-01 Stephane Delcroixhonor the offset layer property
2009-02-28 Stephane Delcroixignore invisible layers, ignore floating selections
2009-02-28 Stephane Delcroixreport an error on (unsupported) indexed mode
2009-02-28 Stephane Delcroixnow supports image of any size
2009-02-24 Stephane Delcroixprogressive loading
2009-02-24 Stephane Delcroixworks for grayscale images too
2009-02-24 Stephane DelcroixIt works! (renders the bg layer for rgb images of size...
2009-02-19 Stephane Delcroixinitial