last changeWed, 30 May 2012 09:19:19 +0000 (11:19 +0200)
2012-05-30 patrick roi... Left tile intersect bug master
2010-03-05 Bastien NoceraFix parts of some possible loops with old XCFs
2010-03-05 Bastien NoceraMisc GIO patches
2010-03-05 Bastien NoceraFix assertion when opening .gz files with an old GIO
2010-03-05 Bastien NoceraAdd support for BZ2 compression using GIO
2009-11-26 Stephane Delcroixwrap .xcf.gz support in conditionals
2009-11-26 Bastien NoceraMake sure temporary files are removed before parsing
2009-11-26 Bastien NoceraAdd xcf.gz support through GIO's GConverter
2009-11-23 Bastien NoceraUse glib macros for byte-swapping
2009-11-23 Stephane Delcroixupdating INSTALL
2009-11-09 Klaus EthgenFix some heavy memory leaks
2009-11-09 Stephane DelcroixDisable LOG output
2009-11-09 Klaus EthgenRemove whitespace trash
2009-11-09 Klaus EthgenReplace all g_set_error_literal by g_set_error
2009-10-14 Bastien NoceraDon't version the created library
2009-03-20 Stephane Delcroixrevent a division by zero when both layers have an...
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