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2008-10-07 davilla[OSX] fix readme.osx to point to new MacPorts mpkgs
2008-08-26 malloc64README.osx typo
2008-08-18 davilla[OSX] update README.osx
2008-08-01 davillaOSX final 10.4 sdk migration -- see readme.osx
2008-07-23 davillaXCode project cleansing. 1st step to 10.4 sdk migration
2008-07-22 modhack2updated: README.osx ; added macports samba fix
2008-07-20 davillabuild under OSX needs samba3 v 3.0.28a from MacPorts
2008-07-11 malloc64OSX: Updated README.osx with note on obtaining older...
2008-06-30 d4rkm4sterupdated: README.osx with new dependencies.
2008-06-09 yuvaltfixed build instructions for osx
2008-05-28 davillaUdate Xcode build instructions
2008-04-25 vulkanradded missing files to project,
2008-02-13 leafmuncherHmm, looks like we need Python as well.
2008-02-08 leafmuncherAdded this, hopefully a good start.