2010-02-16 monkeyman_67156fixed: accidentally deleted character from README.ubuntu
2010-02-16 monkeyman_67156updated: README.linux
2010-02-16 monkeyman_67156updated: Fixed some typos in README.ubuntu
2010-02-16 davillafixed, make hardy info acceptable to package manager
2010-02-16 davilla[osx] fixed make build, missing file
2010-02-16 davillafixed, xbmc does not build on hardy due to outdated...
2010-02-16 jmarshallnzfixed: win32 build. No idea if libmodplug does anythin...
2010-02-16 davilla[osx] fixed borked build :)
2010-02-16 jezz_xUpdated : [Confluence] makefile for all the other image...
2010-02-16 spiff_updated: confluence Makefile
2010-02-15 jezz_xChanged : [Confluence] Completely redid the look of...
2010-02-15 vdrfancleanup: removed more goahead and spyce related references
2010-02-15 vdrfanremoved: goahead from debian copyright file
2010-02-15 vdrfanfixed: only check for system lib modplug on linux
2010-02-15 vdrfanadded: new linux build dependency libmodplug to build...
2010-02-15 jmarshallnzfixed: More consistent logging in CApplication::OnKey...
2010-02-15 gnif2Fixed reversed DTS BE/LE stream detection
2010-02-15 althekillerfixed: Load libmodplug only when we need to.
2010-02-15 charlydoes[WIN32] added: libmicrohttpd files to installer
2010-02-15 charlydoes[WIN32] added: libmicrohttpd webserver
2010-02-15 arnovachanged: On video info refresh ask user whether to...
2010-02-15 charlydoes[WIN32] added: msvc lib for libmicrohttpd
2010-02-15 charlydoes[WIN32] added: w32 libmicrohttpd precompiled bins from...
2010-02-15 arnovachanged: Don't ask user to refresh from internet when...
2010-02-15 MaestroDDmore libmicrohttpd ignores
2010-02-15 MaestroDD[osx] cleanup: remove libGoAhead from xcode's lib paths
2010-02-15 MaestroDD[OSX] fixed python curses build on >= 10.6
2010-02-15 MaestroDDadded libmicrohttp and jsoncpp stuff to .gitignore
2010-02-15 vdrfanchanged: cosmetics (thanks topfs2)
2010-02-15 vdrfanupdated: gitignore file
2010-02-15 MaestroDDfixed typo HAS_WEBINTERFACE->HAS_WEB_INTERFACE
2010-02-15 taxigpsremoved: unused directory
2010-02-15 arnovaremoved: VS2003 project files. We dropped support for...
2010-02-15 topfs2Cosmetics
2010-02-15 topfs2Added links in library to other library views in poc...
2010-02-15 topfs2Altered method description
2010-02-15 vdrfanfixed: warning about uninitialized variable
2010-02-15 spiff_added: ticket #8784 - Antec_Veris_RM200 remote support...
2010-02-15 topfs2Removed features.h as linux doesn't need it either
2010-02-15 wiso[WIN32] fixed build script
2010-02-15 wiso[WIN32] enabled adts muxer
2010-02-15 gnif2Fixed missing ->extradata, hit dw in vim by accident :(
2010-02-15 gnif2Changed to take a copy of extradata, instead of just...
2010-02-15 gnif2Removed check for m_Codec, it will never == NULL if...
2010-02-15 gnif2Added ADTS muxer into CDVDAudioCodecPassthroughFFmpeg...
2010-02-15 gnif2Enabled ADTS muxer in ffmpeg for AAC passthrough support
2010-02-15 davillaremove these from svn, configure will create them
2010-02-15 davilla[osx] include tweeks for libmicrohttpd
2010-02-15 davilla[osx] enable new webserver in osx build
2010-02-15 davillafixed, libmicrohttpd API changed at 0.4.0
2010-02-15 davillafixed compiler warnings
2010-02-15 davillafixed compiler warning
2010-02-15 althekillerfixed: Don't infinitely recurse on large seek if we...
2010-02-15 davilla[osx] fixed xcode packing for poc_jsonrpc
2010-02-15 jmarshallnzfixed: Localize strings didn't work in substring or...
2010-02-15 jezz_xChanged : [Confluence] Made full screen playback icons...
2010-02-15 davilla[osx] sync xcode project
2010-02-15 davilla[osx] fixed wacky app stack under SDL
2010-02-15 jezz_xChanged : [Confluence] Unified the look of all the...
2010-02-15 jezz_xChanged : [Confluence] Brightened up the blue font...
2010-02-15 jezz_xFixed : [Confluence] More space for Time-Date on home...
2010-02-14 jmarshallnzfixed: returning of duration and track number from...
2010-02-14 althekillerfixed: typo
2010-02-14 monkeyman_67156removed: commented test code
2010-02-14 althekillerfixed: Don't set our feature macros with configure.
2010-02-14 spiff_changed: check that the premiere date matches for stack...
2010-02-14 theunifixed: don't lie when the webserver fails to start
2010-02-14 spiff_removed: old webskins
2010-02-14 spiff_cosmetics
2010-02-14 davilla[osx] sync xcode project
2010-02-14 davillafixed, AVIs have borked pts when using AVFMT_FLAG_GENPT...
2010-02-14 gyunaevFixing changed numeric actions
2010-02-14 davilla[osx] fixed make xcode_depends
2010-02-14 davilla[osx] features.h does not exist on osx
2010-02-14 spiff_fixed: remove generated Makefile
2010-02-14 spiff_Revert r27791. doesn't work on osx
2010-02-14 spiff_cosmetics
2010-02-14 spiff_garr
2010-02-14 vdrfanfixed: compiler warnings in XBTFReader.cpp (thanks...
2010-02-14 arnovafixed: Properly do r27776
2010-02-14 monkeyman_67156fixed: compilation warnings in GUILabel
2010-02-14 wiso[WIN32] further fixes for webserver (not enabled yet)
2010-02-14 vdrfanremoved: obsolete libGoAhead references in .gitignore
2010-02-14 monkeyman_67156removed: spyce
2010-02-14 monkeyman_67156updated: ran configure on rxsx
2010-02-14 wiso[WIN32] further linker fixes and cosmetics
2010-02-14 vdrfanremoved: old python script example archives
2010-02-14 charlydoes[WIN32] partly fixed: build errors
2010-02-14 spiff_fixed: remove debug output on stdout
2010-02-14 arnovachanged: Only ask user to refresh from internet with...
2010-02-14 vdrfanfixed: jsonrpc dummy webfrontend was searched in users...
2010-02-14 vdrfanfixed: compiler warnings
2010-02-14 topfs2added forgotten PlayerOperations.h
2010-02-14 vdrfanadded: new libmicrohttpd-dev build dependency
2010-02-14 topfs2Merge commit 'origin/jsonrpc' into trunk
2010-02-14 vdrfanfixed: Ticket #8781 - TheMovieDb scraper returns malfor...
2010-02-14 jmarshallnzfixed: labels in static containers were returning image...
2010-02-14 davilla[crystalhd] remove stray debug output
2010-02-14 davillacosmetics
2010-02-14 davillacosmetics