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2008-07-02 modhack2updated: French translation
2007-12-02 modhack2updated: French language file
2007-11-21 modhack2fixed: French/strings.xml - Double usage of the same...
2007-11-18 modhack2updated: French language file (thanks to globulejoul)
2007-10-27 charlydoesfixed: videopartymode resource strings were using reser...
2007-10-23 modhack2updated: French based on 10541 by globulejoul
2007-06-19 modhack2updated: French language file, clean and some minor fix
2007-05-22 modhack2updated french language
2007-05-06 spiff_updated: french language (thanks to frostbox)
2007-04-30 spiff_updated: Chinese (Traditional) language (thanks to...
2007-04-24 spiff_updated: chinese (simple) language (thanks to pcman)
2007-04-20 spiff_updated: french language (thanks to frostbox)
2007-04-11 darkdonnoupdated: Chinese (Traditional) Strings based on englis...
2007-04-01 spiff_updated: french language (thanks to frostbox).
2007-03-18 spiff_updated: french language (thanks to frostbox).
2007-03-10 spiff_updated: french language (thanks to frostbox).
2007-02-28 spiff_updated: french language (thanks to frostbox)
2006-09-29 modhack2updated: French language file
2006-09-19 modhack2updated: French language file
2006-09-10 bobbin007updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to MrNice)
2006-06-20 bobbin007changed: updated all language files to the new format...
2006-06-06 modhack2updated: French language file
2006-06-01 modhack2updated: French language file
2006-05-19 modhack2updated: French language file
2006-04-24 modhack2updated french language file
2006-04-17 modhack2Some minor language changes for SMB
2006-04-09 bobbin007added: xml header with encoding to language files....
2006-04-04 dday78Updated dutch, french, german, german austria, hungaria...
2006-03-13 bobbin007updated: French language file (Thnx to modhack)
2006-01-12 bobbin007updated: Portuguese (Brazil) language file (Thnx to...
2005-11-29 bobbin007updated: German language file
2005-11-18 bobbin007updated: Spanish language file (Thnx to jose_t)
2005-09-25 bobbin007updated: German language file
2005-05-27 bobbin007removed: string with id 6
2005-05-27 bobbin007updated: Korean language file (Thnx to AkoXko)
2005-05-20 bobbin007updated: German language file
2005-04-28 bobbin007updated: Chinese (Traditional) language file (Thnx...
2005-04-17 jmarshallnzUpdated French strings - thanks to modhack
2005-04-13 bobbin007updated: French language file (Thnx to modhack)
2005-02-09 bobbin007updated: German language file
2004-12-15 bobbin007Added a comment as string id 6 for XBMC version
2004-12-15 bobbin007updated: Spanish language file (Thnx to elotrolado)
2004-12-09 jmarshallnz - 09-12-2004 added: [ 1081938 ] Updated strings.xml...
2004-11-13 bobbin007updated: French language file (Thnx to modhack2)
2004-11-07 shadow_mxUpdated French strings. (thx renaud)
2004-11-02 shadow_mxUpdated French strings. (thx renaud)
2004-10-31 bobbin007updated: German language file
2004-09-16 shadow_mxFixed a string error
2004-09-16 shadow_mxUpdated French strings. (thx renaud)
2004-09-16 chokemaniacupdated french strings.xml (thanks modhack)
2004-09-06 shadow_mxUpdated French strings.
2004-08-22 shadow_mxUpdated French strings.
2004-08-07 shadow_mxUpdated French and Portuguese strings.
2004-05-09 po1ngupdated french strings from chokeman
2004-05-02 shadow_mxUpdated French strings.
2004-04-26 dday78Updated frensh strings.xml
2004-04-18 butcherukFixed bug in xml
2004-04-12 shadow_mxUpdated French strings
2004-03-26 shadow_mxUpdated French strings
2004-03-07 shadow_mxUpdated French strings.
2004-03-07 shadow_mxUpdated French strings.
2004-02-22 shadow_mxUpdated French strings.
2004-02-16 shadow_mxUpdated French strings.
2004-02-11 yampadded: localized strings for myweather
2004-02-08 shadow_mxUpdated French strings.
2004-01-31 shadow_mxUpdated French strings.
2004-01-25 po1ngnew Danish + Polish language files, removed id 6 string...
2004-01-25 shadow_mxUpdated French strings.
2004-01-16 po1ngupdated french strings
2004-01-12 po1ngupdated french strings
2004-01-11 po1ngput language files back in properly capitalised directories