[XBOX] Merged: Linuxport revisions
[xbmc:xbmc-antiquated.git] / guilib / GUIInfoColor.cpp
2009-06-06 arnova[XBOX] Merged: Linuxport revisions
2009-02-24 arnova[XBOX] merged: Linuxport revisions
2008-08-08 jmarshallnzmerged: Linuxport changes from rev 14280 -> 14730.
2008-06-15 monkeyman_67156merged: backported various warning fixes from linuxport
2008-05-15 monkeyman_67156added: license headers to guilib/
2008-04-24 jwvanderbeckfixed: CGUIInfoColor::GetColor wasn't really const
2008-04-22 jwvanderbeckfixed: InfoColor's with a label of "-" should use its...
2008-04-10 spiff_merged header changes from musicscrapers branch.
2008-04-02 monkeyman_67156merged: backported warning fixes from linuxport
2008-03-17 jmarshallnzAdded: Infolabels for text colors, thanks to agathorn.