added: Smartplaylists for tvshows and episodes. Needs decent testing + cleanup.
[xbmc:xbmc-antiquated.git] / keymapping.txt
2004-07-23 charlydoesadded: profiles for settings
2004-03-09 po1nglast minute corrections
2004-02-22 po1ngmade layout a bit neater
2004-02-22 po1ngupdated txt to reflect changes in xml
2004-02-21 po1ngmore tweaks to keymap, completely updated keymapping...
2003-11-07 jmarshallnzMapping from Buttons to Actions. New file keymap.xml...
2003-10-17 yampadded GOOM visualisation & new entry in xboxmediacenter...
2003-10-12 yampfixed: my music : title button now adds item 2 playlist
2003-09-18 yamp - button Y now turns subtitles on/off
2003-09-10 yampvideo info in full screen mode when pressing Y
2003-09-03 yampadded several keymappings for step forward/backward...
2003-09-01 yampno message
2003-08-31 yampfix zoom/stretch/normal
2003-08-28 yampadded soften/zoom/strech & movie preview windows
2003-08-23 yampno message
2003-08-15 yampno message
2003-08-10 yampno message