added: new command "XBMC.RestartApp" for skinners to restart only the application
[xbmc:xbmc-antiquated.git] / xbmc / ApplicationMessenger.h
2004-11-08 elupusadded: new command "XBMC.RestartApp" for skinners to...
2004-09-06 charlydoeschanged: reset instead of powercycle after saving netwo...
2004-02-01 jwnmulderpython update: fixed some bugs and added playlist's...
2003-12-06 jwnmulderfixed some bugs in webserver
2003-11-28 jwnmulderadded to python:
2003-11-10 jwnmulder*** empty log message ***
2003-11-02 jwnmulderupdate and some bugfixes for python
2003-10-23 jwnmulder*** empty log message ***