Merge pull request #359 from arnova/master
[xbmc:paulepanters-xbmc.git] / xbmc / cores / dvdplayer / DVDCodecs / Video / DVDVideoCodec.h
2011-09-07 arnovaMerge pull request #359 from arnova/master
2011-09-07 CrystalPMerge pull request #346 from isidrogar/renderer
2011-09-06 isidrogarDecoupling DXVA2 processor based renderer from CDecoder.
2011-08-31 Joakim PlateMerge pull request #302 from garbear/weather-global-fix
2011-08-17 Arne Morten KvarvingMerge pull request #273 from neoflex/webserver-remote...
2011-08-11 Jonathan MarshallMerge branch 'opportunisticCacheCheck' of git://github...
2011-08-04 Jonathan MarshallMerge remote branch 'jmarshall/dirtyregion_container_fix'
2011-07-28 Jonathan MarshallMerge branch 'log_frame_times'
2011-07-28 CrystalPMerge pull request #310 from CrystalP/refactor-winshaders
2011-07-28 jmarshallnzMerge pull request #306 from Dak0ta/master
2011-07-28 Cory FieldsMerge pull request #309 from theuni/build-fixes
2011-07-28 Joakim PlateMerge pull request #259 from a11599/dxvarenderer
2011-07-28 Istvan StikradDXVA rendering for software decoded material - thanks...
2011-07-03 Matthias KortstiegeMerge pull request #215 from dbrobins/scraper-return-fix
2011-06-27 piehMerge pull request #184 from pieh/python_editControl
2011-06-26 MontelleseMerge pull request #211 from Montellese/jsonrpc_actor_thumb
2011-06-22 Chris LanceMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-06-21 Joakim PlateMerge pull request #213 from elupus/avfilter
2011-06-20 elupusadded: yadif deinterlacing using libavfilter
2011-06-20 elupusadded: api for deinterlacing at decoding stage
2011-04-02 spiffMerge branch 'optinalinotify' of github:Fneufneu/xbmc
2011-03-26 spiffadded: Thread name to CThread.
2011-03-25 ametMerge branch 'xbox_cleanup' of
2011-03-19 spiffSupport for myth-0.23-fixes
2011-03-19 unknownMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-16 Jonathan MarshallMerge branch 'addon_dep_checking'
2011-03-15 vdrfanadded: check whether the episodes directory contains...
2011-03-15 S. Davilla[ios] final merge
2011-03-15 S. Davilla[ios] add, VideoToolBox hw decoder support
2011-02-02 John RennieMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-30 spiffMerge branch 'freebsd'
2011-01-28 PhaeodariaMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-27 PhaeodariaMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-26 Phaeodariaegl changes
2010-12-19 elupuscosmetic: missmatch between struct and class
2010-07-16 bobo1on1the future keeps expanding
2010-06-24 CrystalPTadded: DVDPlayer Post Processing Filters to Improve...
2010-04-10 elupuschanged: make sure the vaapi display and surfaces are...
2010-04-06 elupusmore wip
2010-03-05 elupuschanged: make the vdpau object a refcounted object...
2010-02-08 elupuschanged: don't autosync video by default
2010-02-05 davillarefactor dts/pts handling
2010-02-04 davillachanged, pass dts into decoders so they can decide...
2010-02-02 elupusadded: intial dxva2 decoder support for vc1/h264
2010-01-19 elupusadded: always buffer demux packets back to last found...
2010-01-08 spiff_cosmetics
2010-01-01 davillastep 1 to LinuxRenderer refactor with respect to NV12...
2009-12-29 davillamerge crystalhd to trunk, many thanks to phi2039, mot2d...
2009-11-15 elupusfixed: repeat_pict in ffmpeg means half a frame repeat...
2009-09-23 AlTheKillerstep 3/4: Move linuxport to trunk. How'd I get roped...