visualisation.enabled always returned true. Thanks to ronie
[xbmc:michaelgassmans-xbmc.git] /
2011-04-02 spiffMerge branch 'optinalinotify' of github:Fneufneu/xbmc
2011-03-27 Joakim Platefixed: forgot to silence ar command
2011-03-26 Joakimchanged: silence compile output on linux
2011-03-19 unknownMerge branch 'master' of
2011-02-19 Anssi HannulaMerge removal of unneeded libdts and liba52
2011-02-08 spiffMerge branch 'shellmacro'
2011-02-07 Fneufneuremove all /bin/bash and replace them by @SHELL@ macro
2011-02-05 Anssi HannulaMerge branch 'ffmpeg-update'
2011-02-02 Anssi Hannularemoved: internal ffmpeg from includes when external...
2011-01-27 PhaeodariaMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-24 theuniMerged cptspiff's code-reshuffle branch.
2010-07-11 anssihfixed: set $PACKAGE_TARNAME as it may be referenced...
2010-07-11 anssihfixed: missing LDFLAGS/CFLAGS when removed from environment
2010-06-12 davillaremove duplicate lib/include paths using sort
2010-06-08 althekillerfixed: debug and optim cflags should be passed to all...
2010-06-08 althekillerfixed: POSIX feature test macros should be passed to...
2010-06-03 spiff_changed: updated ffmpeg to r23426
2010-05-14 ceros7Merge branch 'fhs'
2010-05-09 ceros7Allow the installation of files to be more configurable...
2010-01-22 ceros7Merge remote branch 'origin/gpl-compat'
2009-11-14 ceros7Avoid symlinks from pwd.
2009-09-30 AlTheKillerfixed: Less stupidity digging for (since...
2009-09-23 AlTheKillerstep 3/4: Move linuxport to trunk. How'd I get roped...