last changeMon, 10 Jan 2011 20:00:43 +0000 (01:00 +0500)
2011-01-10 Alexander MyltsevComplex x3d-scene implemented. master
2011-01-10 Alexander MyltsevAnimation is added. Scala scene-xml generation is added.
2011-01-09 Alexander MyltsevDebug in Eclipse is done. x3d-aether became Scala-build...
2011-01-09 Alexander MyltsevSimple animation is done! x3d-cube is moving according...
2011-01-09 Alexander Myltsevx3d-aether JS-client-project added.
2011-01-09 Alexander Myltsevx3d-aether Scala-project added.
2011-01-08 Alexander MyltsevOwn AetherStream added. Html5 client modified to use...
2011-01-08 Alexander MyltsevSome o3d ( were added. And tests...
2011-01-04 Alexander MyltsevInitial commit. Three stages are done.
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