last changeWed, 25 May 2011 08:12:02 +0000 (08:12 +0000)
2011-05-25 Jason Lamsupport dram size dectection master
2011-05-24 Jason Lamenable stalkerboard config option
2011-05-24 Jason Lamfix driver/Makefile to support stalkerboard
2011-05-24 Jason Lamadd stalkerboard support
2011-05-24 Jason Lamadd different define GFX_DIV for 35x and 37x
2011-05-24 Jason Lamadd HY 200MHz ram data for stalkerboard with DM37x
2011-03-25 Sebastien Janpanda: set default configuration to 1GHz
2011-03-25 Sebastien Janpanda: fix 1GHz configuration
2011-03-25 Rajeev KulkarniOMAP4: Select DPLL PER Clock as source for SGX FCLK
2011-03-25 Sebastien Janpanda: fix ES2.2+ support
2011-03-25 Anand Gadiyarbump up revision to 1.5.0
2011-03-18 Andy Doanbuild break in lib/board.c
2011-03-14 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: Forced newer revisions to default to xM.
2011-03-14 LoïMinierDefault to building signGP and a signed x-loader
2011-03-14 LoïMinierMerge signGP cflags into HOSTCFLAGS and use these
2011-03-14 LoïMinierAppend CFLAGS and HOSTCFLAGS to environment
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