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2011-06-18 kemalover.Beagleboard-XM RevC board support is added. master master
2010-12-13 Vikram PanditaGenerate MLO file with Makefile ift option
2010-12-13 Nishanth MenonX-loader: add gitignore
2010-12-13 Aneesh VConfiguration Header is attached as part of the 'make...
2010-12-13 Nishanth MenonX-Loader: Add SignGP support
2010-11-24 Nick GassonFix reading FAT32 root dirs that span >1 cluster
2010-11-03 Steve SakomanBeagle: Support C4 from Special Computing (with Numonyx...
2010-10-30 Steve SakomanPanda: Sync ES2.1 changes
2010-10-13 Steve SakomanOvero: Add support for Hynix POP (512MB DDR, 512MB...
2010-10-07 Steve SakomanRevert "Panda: Use proper VCORE3 settings for ES2.1"
2010-10-07 Steve SakomanPanda: Use proper VCORE3 settings for ES2.1
2010-09-26 Vincent Stehléomap3evm: compile onenand.o
2010-09-17 Steve Sakomanpanda: add 1GB memory support
2010-09-17 Steve Sakomanovero: handle board revision detection for fab revision...
2010-09-16 Steve Sakomanpanda: bring up to date with L24.9 changes
2010-09-16 Steve SakomanBeagle, Overo: Don't call nand/onenand functions unless...
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