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last changeTue, 29 Jul 2014 13:32:58 +0000 (15:32 +0200)
2014-07-29 Timothée Raviersendemail: use sendmail instead of mail master
2014-06-26 Timothée Ravierview: say that the notification email is optional
2014-06-26 Timothée Ravierview: encode author special chars for HTML
2014-06-23 Timothée Raviertest: add sample files for basic testing
2014-06-23 Timothée RavierCMake 3.0 hack
2014-06-23 Timothée RavierMinor whitespace fix
2014-06-23 Timothée RavierUse config file to set website name and url
2014-06-23 Timothée Raviercommentsdb: minor performance fixes
2014-06-23 Timothée Raviercommentsdb: fix unsubscribe list saving to file
2014-06-23 Timothée RavierUpdate INSTALL doc
2014-06-23 Timothée RavierUse #pragma once in headers
2014-06-23 Timothée RavierSplit configuration in a separate class
2014-06-23 Timothée RavierImprove include order and header name definitions
2014-06-23 Timothée RavierMove install doc sections from README to INSTALL
2014-02-28 Martin PeresCMake: Add an example of WEBSITE_URL and WEBSITE
2014-02-19 Martin Perescommentsdb: force parsing the file as UTF8
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