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2013-12-12 Dorian Scholzuse MAC address as host name, if no host name available master
2013-12-10 Dorian Scholzadded readme
2012-07-16 Dorian Scholzupdated settngs path
2012-02-01 Dorian Scholzfixed datepicker to update data on change
2012-02-01 Dorian Scholzadded filtering of table and chart data, so they only...
2012-02-01 Dorian Scholzadded chmod to downloading
2012-02-01 Dorian Scholzfixed use of wget
2012-02-01 Dorian Scholzadded download_scripts to wrtbwmon
2012-02-01 Dorian Scholzfixed bug in date selector, added some styles
2012-02-01 Dorian Scholzadded gitignore for .rc file
2012-02-01 Dorian Scholzfirst version
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