last changeMon, 9 May 2011 14:14:29 +0000 (16:14 +0200)
2011-05-09 p4bl0added mkdir for tmp and bin since they can't be git... master
2011-05-09 p4bl0fix escaped space bug
2011-05-08 p4bl0renamed log file
2011-05-08 p4bl0added --no-daemon option
2011-05-03 p4bl0fixed a possible alarm signal related bug
2011-05-03 p4bl0simplified the commands reading from socket
2011-05-03 p4bl0removing a todo and a feature...
2011-05-03 p4bl0removed debug printf and fixed whitespace
2011-05-03 p4bl0added a todo target to the Makefile
2011-05-03 p4bl0balancing algo fixed, also SIGALRM only when needed
2011-05-02 p4bl0IPC stuff working, balancing algorithm seems broken
2011-04-27 p4bl0need IPC to maintain pool, see seelct() TODO in workers...
2011-04-27 p4bl0spawning job working
2011-04-27 p4bl0starting impl of jobs -- non working state
2011-04-27 p4bl0socket working
2011-04-26 p4bl0initial import
7 years ago master