2011-09-08 iNoDliteAdd "Apply transformations" feature (no connectors...
2011-09-07 iNoDliteMade import dialog a bit bigger. Use auto guess for...
2011-09-07 iNoDliteEmbed shader files. Will be used as "default" version...
2011-09-07 iNoDliteAdd ignore file with small initial content
2011-09-07 iNoDliteDo cleaning in project file
2011-09-07 iNoDliteUse some hierarchy for source files
2011-04-23 safety0ffFix cmake error on windows.
2011-04-22 safety0ffFix previous commit about missing lib3ds definitions.
2011-04-22 safety0ffAdd missing definitions.
2011-04-22 safety0ffWork around QT4_WRAP_UI's extension trimming.
2011-04-22 safety0ffFix Qt include error.
2011-04-22 safety0ffRework 3rd party lib source detection.
2011-04-22 safety0ffAdd support for lib3ds api version 2.
2011-04-22 safety0ffAdd CMake build system.
2010-11-22 safety0ffUse "Save" accept button for "Save as" dialog.
2010-11-13 Per Inge MathisenCompile fix
2010-11-12 safety0ffFix some bugs in the texture code.
2010-11-09 safety0ffEnable rtti, fixes building on some systems. Reported...
2010-10-24 safety0ffMore space & tab adjustments for PIE3 export, also...
2010-10-24 safety0ffUse spaces instead of tabs when writing PIEs.
2010-10-24 safety0ffMake Pie3 export more usuable (it is still incomplete).
2010-10-24 safety0ffSet the Mesh name to its PIE level number when converti...
2010-10-12 safety0ffFix bug in obj import where faces with more than 3...
2010-10-09 safety0ffAdd GLee (hacked version), add some assertions and...
2010-10-09 safety0ffRemove accidentaly commited autogenerated file.
2010-10-05 safety0ffInitial import of WMIT into git.
2010-10-03 safety0ffDelete test again.
2010-10-03 safety0ffTest #3.
2010-10-03 safety0ffDelete test file.
2010-10-03 safety0ffAnother test.