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last changeMon, 3 Dec 2012 04:46:13 +0000 (23:46 -0500)
2012-12-03 Ian JacobiFix licensing issues master
2012-11-30 Ian JacobiUse DISC_CUESHEET instead of CUESHEET tag (workaround...
2012-06-07 Ian JacobiAdd some helpful VBS files (useful for other purposes)
2012-06-07 Ian JacobiFix weird bugs...
2012-04-14 Ian JacobiAdd script to automate cuesheet ripping with robot.
2012-04-07 Ian JacobiSome MusicBrainz errors
2012-03-30 Ian JacobiWeird case is artist is missing.
2012-02-25 Ian JacobiFix encoding bug.
2012-02-15 Ian JacobiLimit filenames to length 255.
2012-02-04 Ian JacobiSwitch to Discogs API v2.0
2011-12-18 Ian JacobiBug fixes and reduce HTOA flagging.
2011-12-05 Ian JacobiFix some minor validator bugs (including better GraceNo...
2011-12-05 Ian JacobiAdd "Last, First" -> "First Last" switcher to QuickFix...
2011-12-05 Ian JacobiChange disc count to center alignment to better offset it.
2011-12-05 Ian JacobiSelect all text when first editing a field.
2011-11-05 Ian JacobiFix path normalization where value is None
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