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last changeFri, 7 Dec 2012 03:44:37 +0000 (03:44 +0000)
2012-12-07 Ian JacobiFix bug where program would not terminate when clients... master
2012-12-07 Ian JacobiFix behavior of play, previous and next (play will...
2012-12-07 Ian JacobiFix play '-1' again
2012-12-07 Ian JacobiImprove logging level handling
2012-12-07 Ian JacobiSome tweaks for deployment on a Raspberry Pi (testing...
2012-12-07 Ian JacobiAdd commentary on Raspberry Pi support.
2012-12-06 Ian JacobiAdd Debian initscripts
2012-12-06 Ian JacobiAdd support for 'pause', 'stop', 'next', 'previous...
2012-12-06 Ian JacobiRemove some excess instrumentation
2012-12-06 Ian JacobiAdd support for MPD server registration
2012-12-06 Ian JacobiFix behavior of playlistinfo '-1', which should behave...
2012-12-06 Ian JacobiMirror mpd behavior (track-uids start at 0)
2012-12-06 Ian JacobiImplement 'currentsong' command for MPoD
2012-12-06 Ian JacobiAdd support for tags
2012-12-06 Ian JacobiHandle MPoD's weird request for playlistinfo '-1'
2012-12-06 Ian JacobiDon't query current track data when the GStreamer pipel...
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