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last changeSun, 14 Jul 2013 16:33:52 +0000 (12:33 -0400)
2013-07-14 Ian JacobiFix up borders on album art in uploads app master
2013-07-13 Ian JacobiFix cover art in upload view
2013-07-13 Ian JacobiFix hidden tracks and properly count tracks in uploads...
2013-07-09 Ian JacobiRework left-hand side of upload view
2013-07-07 Ian JacobiStart fixing uploads index to side-by-side again.
2013-07-06 Ian JacobiClean up uploads.index view
2013-07-06 Ian JacobiFix app_name so that navactive_app works
2013-07-06 Ian JacobiFix login_required decorator to work again
2013-07-06 Ian JacobiFix bugs that broke uploads.index
2013-07-06 Ian JacobiRevamp Uploads models (from scratch, so dumping old...
2013-07-04 Ian JacobiFix login redirect from login page
2013-07-04 Ian JacobiFix login page to be translatable
2013-07-04 Ian JacobiFix smart_text to force_text to resolve lazy translatio...
2013-07-04 Ian JacobiAdd primitive login and logout functions
2013-07-03 Ian JacobiFix cursor on header of search results
2013-07-03 Ian JacobiAdd JavaScript to library search results
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