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last changeSat, 21 Apr 2012 18:55:44 +0000 (14:55 -0400)
2012-04-21 Ian JacobiFix minor warning in ShowTest. master
2012-04-21 Ian JacobiImplement and test Show.compareTo()
2012-04-21 Ian JacobiFix even/odd behavior with isOnAirAtDate().
2012-04-21 Ian JacobiImplement and test isInUpcomingWeek()
2011-11-14 Ian JacobiBetter handling of left.dstOffset == right.dstOffset...
2011-11-14 Ian JacobiAccount for shows which start during a DST spring-forwa...
2011-11-14 Ian JacobiWhen two dates share a DST offset, assume the earlier...
2010-11-14 Ian JacobiFix binary-search for DST change (so it should terminate).
2010-11-13 Ian JacobiAdded some more tests and comments to write future...
2010-11-13 Ian JacobiPorted existing iPhone tests for isOnAirAtDate into...
2010-11-13 Ian JacobiAdding Show and Schedule and tests for Schedule. Also...
2010-11-06 Ian JacobiRename WMBRLiveData to LiveData.
2010-11-06 Ian JacobiAdded Playlist (and tests) for Playlist-XML handling.
2010-11-06 Ian JacobiAdded WMBRLiveData (and tests) for Live-XML handling.
2010-10-16 Ian JacobiEgads! It lives!
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