last changeTue, 15 Jun 2010 21:56:56 +0000 (22:56 +0100)
2010-06-15 Joel HoldsworthFirst implementation of the wineskin wrapper master
2010-06-15 Joel HoldsworthDefault to the normal wine prefix
2010-06-15 Joel HoldsworthAdded documentation
2010-06-15 Joel HoldsworthTidied braces
2010-06-15 Joel HoldsworthAdded code to auto install the theme
2010-06-15 Joel HoldsworthQuery gconf for the current icon theme
2010-06-13 Joel HoldsworthReplaced generic file with MimeTypes/empty
2010-06-13 Joel HoldsworthAdded theme inheritance
2010-06-13 Joel HoldsworthRenamed to iconskin
2010-06-13 Joel HoldsworthRemoved a useless definition
2010-06-13 Joel HoldsworthHuge icons are unnecessary
2010-06-13 Joel HoldsworthGenerate a reg file for icon images
2010-06-13 Joel HoldsworthUse path join
2010-06-13 Joel HoldsworthFirst attempt at simple icon theme generator
2010-06-05 Joel HoldsworthInitial Commit
7 years ago master