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2012-07-04 Antoine Amarilliadd notice about backtraces winding up in pagelist master
2012-07-04 Antoine Amarillidocument trick to remove color on a second channel
2012-07-04 Antoine Amarilliuse two-digit color codes to avoid problem with leading...
2012-06-11 Antoine Amarilliadd mit license and section headings
2012-06-11 Antoine Amarillithe program does not acknowledge commands
2012-06-11 Antoine Amarilliadd
2012-06-11 Antoine Amarilliupdate doc
2012-06-11 Antoine Amarillicomment, add back shortening
2012-06-11 Antoine Amarilliadd primitive command system
2012-06-11 Antoine Amarilliadd custom output format, remove shortening
2012-06-07 Antoine Amarilliregister pages
2012-06-07 Antoine AmarilliEXIT command to leave
2012-06-07 Antoine Amarilliprint pages read from dump
2012-06-07 Antoine Amarillidon't print pages multiple times
2012-06-06 Antoine Amarillifix for python3 compatibility, disable shortening for now
2012-06-06 Antoine Amarilliadd nl
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