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last changeSat, 14 Jun 2014 10:51:17 +0000 (03:51 -0700)
2014-06-14 Sean RobinsonUse configuration manager to write configuration file master
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonUpdate some ConfigFileManager docstrings
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonAdd configparser module dependency to README
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonMove generic formatter specification to misc module
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonChange logic for adding known but unordered profiles
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonFIX: file name correction
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonAdd tests for ConfigFileManager read_string method
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonAllow ConfigFileManager callers to ask for a return...
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonFIX: A critical error should not cause further exceptions
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonOnly run the rest of WiFi Radar if the configuration...
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonMove configuration file reading to wifiradar module
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonMove configuration defaults to a file
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonCopy configuration file reading to wifiradar module
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonUse the standard message subscriber to report early...
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonAdd shutdown method to main logic
2014-06-13 Sean RobinsonAdd ConfigFileError exception to report errors with...
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