last changeWed, 28 Aug 2013 17:38:51 +0000 (19:38 +0200)
2013-08-28 Marius TomaschewskiMoved project to master
2013-08-28 Pawel WieczorkiewiczCorrection to properly recognize similar @@ names
2013-08-27 Pawel WieczorkiewiczAdded ni_string_ishex, ni_string_remove_char, ni_sprint_hex
2013-08-26 Marius TomaschewskiAdded testing/hex-test using new parse/format_hex_data
2013-08-26 Marius TomaschewskiAdded ni_parse_hex_data accepting separator arg
2013-08-26 Marius TomaschewskiAdded ni_format_hex_data accepting separator arg
2013-08-20 Olaf HeringInclude buffer.h to get xmalloc
2013-08-20 Marius Tomaschewskifirmware: set a xml location for firmware config
2013-08-20 Marius Tomaschewskixml: allow a custom location in reader functions
2013-08-20 Marius Tomaschewskiclient: added root-dir argument to ni_ifconfig_load
2013-08-20 Marius TomaschewskiAdded root,type,path arguments to firmware_discovery()
2013-08-19 Marius Tomaschewskiextensions/ibft: tweaked output, added -p argument
2013-08-19 Marius TomaschewskiFixed to use namespace ifindex, not node name in identify
2013-08-19 Olaf HeringIgnore errors from exiting routes in __ni_nl_talk
2013-08-19 Olaf HeringAdd ni_system_lldp_available helper 2
2013-08-16 Olaf HeringFix endian bug in handling of final byte in checksum_pa...
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