last changeSun, 6 Mar 2011 20:16:34 +0000 (21:16 +0100)
2011-03-06 Philip JägenstedtBail out if any command fails master
2011-03-06 Philip Jä in seemingly working condition
2011-03-06 Philip JägenstedtBegin script to write history with sections
2011-03-06 Philip JägenstedtHandle sections with header and "generatedID" from...
2011-03-06 Philip JägenstedtHandle duplicate sections name on the same level
2011-03-05 Philip Jägenstedtwrite output files to sections directory
2011-03-05 Philip Jä doesn't actually diff anything, rename accordingly
2011-03-05 Philip Jägenstedtgitignore
2011-03-05 Philip JägenstedtWrite sections to nested directories
2011-03-05 Philip JägenstedtSteal section id generating code from Geoffrey
2011-03-05 Philip JägenstedtDebugging the outlining algorithm
2011-03-04 Philip JägenstedtThe html5lib+outliner approach also isn't looking great...
2011-03-04 Philip JägenstedtExtend to keep track of a section's associa...
2011-01-13 Philip JägenstedtTry something using the document outline
2011-01-13 Philip Jägenstedtxmldiff approach that isn't going to fly
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