2013-09-11 Philip JägenstedtImplement the error handling suggested in bug 16771 master
2013-09-11 Philip JägenstedtAdd a browser test page and the script that generated it
2013-09-10 Philip JägenstedtCategorize invalid trail bytes
2013-09-09 Philip JägenstedtRun invalid-trail.py on hk-data and tw-data
2013-09-09 Philip JägenstedtAdd analysis script for invalid trail bytes
2012-04-30 Philip JägenstedtSync index-big5.txt with spec
2012-04-22 Philip JägenstedtBig5-2003 mapping
2012-04-22 Philip JägenstedtCompare Firefox to UAO (10 differences)
2012-04-22 Philip JägenstedtRename misencoded file names
2012-04-22 Philip JägenstedtExtract unicodeaton_250.exe (using 7-Zip on Windows 7)
2012-04-22 Philip JägenstedtUnicode 補完計畫 2.50 (unicodeaton_250.exe)
2012-04-18 Philip JägenstedtAnalysis of HKSCS vs UAO samples
2012-04-18 Philip JägenstedtCategorize Taiwan HKSCS vs UAO (with help from Yuan...
2012-04-18 Philip JägenstedtCategorize Hong Kong HKSCS vs UAO (with help from Yuan...
2012-04-18 Philip JägenstedtCategorize Taiwan HKSCS vs UAO
2012-04-18 Philip JägenstedtTaiwan HKSCS vs UAO files
2012-04-17 Philip JägenstedtCategorize Hong Kong HKSCS vs UAO
2012-04-17 Philip JägenstedtHong Kong HKSCS vs UAO files
2012-04-17 Philip JägenstedtIncrease "error tolerance" in HKSCS vs UAO analysis...
2012-04-16 Philip JägenstedtPrint HKSCS vs UAO summaries to separate files
2012-04-16 Philip JägenstedtDelete analysis generated before recent script changes
2012-04-16 Philip JägenstedtSkip files labeled as HKSCS (only ambiguous Big5 is...
2012-04-16 Philip JägenstedtGeneralize tw-analyze.py to hkscs-vs-uao.py (process...
2012-04-16 Philip JägenstedtGeneralize tw-json.py to make-json.py (process any...
2012-04-16 Philip JägenstedtGeneralize get-urls.py to allow separate output directories
2012-04-16 Philip JägenstedtGeneralize the Alexa/Bing URL generator to make new...
2012-04-16 Philip JägenstedtRemove more misencoded nonsense
2012-04-16 Philip JägenstedtMerge updated HKSCS vs UAO list with updated error...
2012-04-16 Philip JägenstedtWhen analyzing, count decoder errors excluding the...
2012-04-15 Philip JägenstedtManually remove 104 samples of obviously misencoded...
2012-04-15 Philip Jägenstedt294 URLs in need of analysis
2012-04-15 Philip JägenstedtTweak analyze formatting to not (easily) exceed 80...
2012-04-15 Philip JägenstedtCorrect constant, typo caused index mismatch
2012-04-15 Philip JägenstedtImprove decoder and analyze script to avoid false byte...
2012-04-15 Philip JägenstedtGenerate list of ~300 pages with HKSCS vs UAO issues
2012-04-14 Philip JägenstedtAnalysis script to print HKSCS vs UAO mappings in context
2012-04-14 Philip JägenstedtCall the index lookup count "indexed" for less confusion
2012-04-14 Philip JägenstedtMerge Decoder into big5.py (since it needs the index)
2012-04-14 Philip JägenstedtEscape non-ASCII URLs as %-encoded Big5-HKSCS before...
2012-04-14 Philip JägenstedtPer-spec decoder and script to generate per-URL JSON...
2012-04-14 Philip JägenstedtSplit URLs by lines, not whitespace
2012-04-13 Philip Jägenstedtprint_uao_diff
2012-04-13 Philip JägenstedtSplit make_ranges from print_undefined
2012-04-13 Philip JägenstedtSync index-big5.txt with spec
2012-04-13 Philip JägenstedtAdd script to get URLs from a list
2012-04-13 Philip JägenstedtGenerated ~120k .tw URLs with Alexa and Bing
2012-04-12 Philip JägenstedtAdd script for generate list of URLs with Alexa and...
2012-04-12 Philip JägenstedtBig5 and GB* URL lists extracted from dotnetdotcom.org
2012-04-09 Philip JägenstedtAssert that Kangxi Radicals are not used (disabled)
2012-04-08 Philip JägenstedtPrint reverse mappings
2012-04-08 Philip JägenstedtDon't contradict IE, except for F9FE => U+FFED
2012-04-08 Philip JägenstedtPrint HKSCS-2008 normalized differences
2012-04-07 Philip JägenstedtFix off-by-one error in get_bytes (trail 0xA1 became...
2012-04-07 Philip JägenstedtUpdate index-big5.txt to match Big5-foolip
2012-04-07 Philip JägenstedtCompare with annevk's spec
2012-04-07 Philip JägenstedtInternal renaming (spec->big5_foolip)
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtSupport printing a pretty table of the full mapping
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtManually copy the multi-code point mappings from HKSCS...
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtManual mappings where browers disagree
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtIgnore weird IE mappings to "?"
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtSimplify the assertions by special-casing the only...
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtPrint more details about undefined mappings
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtSimplify code with is_valid for checking PUA and U...
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtPrint using the format of the HKSCS-2008 spec, e.g...
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtPrint a readable summary of missing mappings
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtClarify the logic for multiple code points in HKSCS...
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtMove the Big5 sanity check to later
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtCheck all PUA ranges, not just the first
2012-04-06 Philip Jägenstedtbig5.py can now generate a hopefully compatible spec
2012-04-06 Philip JägenstedtHKSCS-2008 official mappings
2012-04-05 Philip JägenstedtFinished the analysis
2012-04-05 Philip Jägenstedtversion control all the things!