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last changeWed, 13 May 2015 09:39:28 +0000 (11:39 +0200)
2015-05-13 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade to PyMongo 3 and Biryani 0.10. master
2014-04-14 Emmanuel RaviartAllow pages with non-slug names.
2014-04-14 Emmanuel RaviartEase routings overloading.
2014-01-09 Emmanuel RaviartRemove SSO.
2013-07-24 Emmanuel RaviartRemove node from site.mako because it is not defined...
2013-06-17 Emmanuel RaviartUse a blank page (or tab) for authentication.
2013-06-17 Emmanuel RaviartAllow to change brand URL.
2013-06-17 Emmanuel RaviartImprove page title to remove HTML elements.
2013-05-29 Emmanuel RaviartDon't fail when node name is missing or its slug is...
2013-05-23 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade to latest Weasku API.
2013-05-23 Emmanuel RaviartIn WebOb 1.2, url_path & path_info are now unicode.
2013-05-15 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade Weasku API.
2013-05-10 Emmanuel RaviartAdd session to environ.
2013-05-10 Emmanuel RaviartCorrect use of config option.
2013-05-10 Emmanuel RaviartCode cleanup.
2013-05-10 Emmanuel RaviartAdd Piwik marker.
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