last changeThu, 19 Jul 2012 06:42:45 +0000 (08:42 +0200)
2012-07-19 Emmanuel RaviartUse return instead of raise for HTTP exceptions. master
2012-06-30 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support for multiple clients per provider.
2012-06-14 Emmanuel RaviartAlways initialize state when it is None, before using it.
2012-06-09 Emmanuel RaviartBiryani API changes.
2012-06-08 Emmanuel RaviartUse None as default value for state instead of states...
2012-06-08 Emmanuel RaviartUse regulare expresssion to extract LDAP dn from username.
2012-06-05 Emmanuel RaviartEach client has now its own list of active authenticators.
2012-06-04 Emmanuel RaviartAdd i18n.
2012-05-20 Emmanuel RaviartRename claim "verified" to "email_verified".
2012-05-17 Emmanuel RaviartCode cleanup.
2012-05-08 Emmanuel RaviartRename params to inputs.
2012-05-04 Emmanuel RaviartCode cleanup.
2012-05-04 Emmanuel RaviartInitial commit.
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